10 Upcoming New Heroes in Mobile Legends 2019 – Bang Bang Guide

Upcoming New Heroes

As one of the famous games played by many different people around the world, Mobile Legends will release upcoming new heroes this year. The heroes will come in cooler style, stronger physic, and greater skill and ability. Cool upcoming heroes will be from not only Europe but also Asia. This is because this game will join Sea Games 2019. Therefore, they will be new characters exist. Mostly, the characters will be created by the Moonton. Badang, for instance, will be the new Asian game character. However, it is still not sure whether or not Moonton will release it. Well, let’s talk more about the characters of new heroes in Mobile Legend game below!

List of New Favorite Upcoming Heroes in Mobile Legend 2019

Everyone wishes that in the New Year, there will new heroes created, right? And voila! It comes true. Who are they? Here upcoming new heroes are going to be explained in these following details.

1. Faramis

faramis hero

People may like Faramis character because it has unique, cool skill. That’s why he becomes one of the new favorite upcoming heroes in mobile legends 2019. He has the ability to make died people alive, again. Faramis will be both as the role player and supported player, this will depend on the storyline. This Mobile Legend hero has a surprisingly sad life. He was the only mange survived after his castle, Moniyan, was being attacked by Abyss. This hero comes in 4 skills including vicious retrieval, ghostbusters, shadow stampede, and the cult altar. Cult altar may be the best skill Faramis has. It may make the altar to protect him from stronger monsters for ten seconds. Also, he may make other died heroes alive for ten seconds.

2. Vale

Upcoming new heroes in mobile legends

Vale will play as a Mage. His ability is to control the wind. People call him ‘the last air bender’ because he is the only hero who can control the wind. This hero surprisingly is the Valir’s brother. Valir was an upcoming new hero in mobile legend 2018, he was released long before Vale exists. When Valir suddenly can’t control his anger, Vale will be the only one who is able to calm him down. This new hero character will look like a handsome guy with white hair and clothes. Unfortunately, his skills are still unknown. Thus, it might be the same as his brother’s skills.

3. Terizla

upcoming new heroes

If you know hulk, then, it will be Terizla looks. He is one of the upcoming new heroes in mobile legends. He is identic with his scary look. He has green skin and red-brown hair. He always holds big ax as his main weapon. His attack obviously may create big physical damage. However, he has a minus point that is slow, both his movement and attack. Terizla skills include Body Smith, Revenge Strike, Execution Strike, and Penalty Zone. Only smart people will always use this hero character. With the right strategy, Terizla may be the best hero ever!

4. Moskov – Twillight Dragon

new heroes

Moskov-Twillight Dragon is kind of limited new upcoming hero in ml 2019. Not all people will be able to play him. He appears in a limited lucky box. That is why you need to play the game to get the lucky box. Definitely, you must win the game first. Moskov, in Epic limited skin, you may also get this hero for 3000 diamonds. Anyway, Moskov looks like a shinigami, the Japanese death God. He seems stylish but scary at the same time.

5. Granger

As hero marksman Mobile Legends’, Granger is a devil hunter. He is like a street musician because of his charming looks and weapon. He attacks his enemy using his ‘violin’ gun. Most of the people love this hero character. That is because he has great skills including Caprice, Rhapsody, Rondo, and Death Sonata. Thus, this hero character is always banned when it comes to ranked or classic game mode.

6. Aldous – Death and Partake

aldous hero

You are able to play this upcoming new hero in ml once you buy it with 419 diamonds or even 599 diamonds. Aldous is a skin elite hero with mask and hood. His ability is still hidden but since he is elite, he may be strong and skilled as well.

7. Aurora – Aquarius

Same as its name, Aurora will look like an Aquarius icon. With 200 to 400 diamonds, you could play this new hero. However, if you are not lucky, you may even spend almost 1.400 diamonds. To get her, you have to join the summoning zodiac event. Though her skills are still hidden. People believe that she will have wonderful skills since she prices 1.400 diamonds.

8. Lunox – Cosmic Harmoni

Lunox is a female hero character. She looks beautiful like a goddess with her costume and silvery hair. Her hero role will be as a mage with cosmic harmony as her weapon. You may buy her for 419 to 599 diamonds.

9. Esmeralda

Usually, a new hero character tends to be easier to attack. However, you will find Esmeralda different from other new hero characters. She is a mage who can take other’s shield and make it hers. That is why it is difficult to kill this hero. Even, using a defense item will be useless. Same as the other heroes, Esmeralda has 4 skills including Starmoon Casket, Frostmoon Shield, Stardust Dance, and Falling Starmoon. For your additional info, Esmeralda is hots new upcoming heroes.

10. Khufra

Once it is being released, Khufa takes people’s attention. That is because of his looks which is similar to Joker. This hero could be responsible and depended on hero tank mobile legends. Khufra is the sand controller. He has Spell Curse, Tyrant’s Revenge, Bouncing Ball, and Tyrant’s Rage. The Tyrant’s Rage may be the most useful weapon because it may make all enemies suddenly in front of him so that he could easily attack them.

Actually, there are still many upcoming new heroes characters which have not been mentioned above. Of course, we could discuss it on other occasions. Finally, after reading the info about upcoming new heroes by ten, hopefully, you could wise to choose one hero to play. Well, that’s all about the new heroes played in Mobile Legends. Hopefully, it will be a piece of useful information for you who loves playing ML game.