7 Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends -Complete Your Team Formation

Best Support Heroes

Hello game lovers! Do you need best hero for rank Mobile Legends to win the game with your team? If so, your team should have complete roles. One of the most important roles to pick is the best support heroes in Mobile Legends. This role is helpful to increase the damage of your team. Besides, there are a few support heroes that can regenerate the hit points of the team. So, get the best compliment of your team formation with support heroes to always win the battlefield.

Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends Mostly Picked in Ranked Mode

In this year, there are seven support heroes that are often picked by pro players in the ranked mode. These heroes often appear in Legend or Mythic rank. So, for you who like to push your rank as high as possible, you need to consider the support heroes. Here are seven best support heroes in Mobile Legends that are recommended for you.

1. Diggie

Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends

Diggie Mobile Legends is the first support hero which is so helpful to support the whole heroes of your team. The skill he has can trouble and annoy the enemies. The first skill of Diggie can trouble enemies every time when it is released. The second skill will also annoy the enemy. When he uses this skill, it is able to return the enemy hero to the desired point. This condition is useful in the attack and to trap the enemies. Moreover, he also has an ultimate skill that can make him and all nearby heroes of your team immune from crowd control. That is why this hero is also used in the ranked mode.

2. Estes

Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends

This hero is so special for your team. His main skill to support your team is “healing”. With it, all heroes in your team will get a healing effect that will regenerate their hit points. So, this condition is helpful if there are several heroes almost to die in your team due to team fights. In addition, this hero can give crowd control to the enemies in a little wide area. It is good to help your team kill enemy heroes that are got a crowd control effect.

3. Rafaela

Rafaela is a versatile hero that has the ability to keep the team members in the battle. She can heal all heroes in your team well and increase their movement speed. It is useful to increase the mobility of the team fight. Then, she can also give damage to the enemies. So, this best support Mobile Legends 2019 can be a perfect hero to assist your team.

4. Angela

The next support hero to consider is Angela. Many players talk about her overpower ability. She possesses skills that can protect the team members from any attacks of the enemies. Similar to Estes and Rafaela, her main skill is “healing”. So, her skill will be able to prevent the team heroes from being killed easily.

5. Nana

This hero has the main skill to give a disable effect to the enemies. Besides, she has a troublesome skill for the enemies. She can change the enemy to become a cat and cannot do anything but silent. It will help the team to kill enemies easily without getting attacks from them.

6. Kaja

Kaja is a powerful support that will give a big impact on the battlefield. Your team is very lucky to have this hero. He can help your team to immobilize the enemies and also deal with damages. This role must be so beneficial for the team from early to late game. That is why this hero is always picked by one of the teams in the draft pick.

7. Minotaur

Minotaur Hero Guide

Besides being a tank, this kind of Mobile Legends support heroes can give important assists to your team. He can be a protector while attacking and also become support. To have a high hit point is the given benefit for this hero. So, this hero is suitable to go in the front row of your team. Furthermore, he has an ultimate skill that can knock up the enemies and make them immobilize in a few seconds. In this condition, your team will be easy to deal with damage and attack your enemies enjoyably.

With their special abilities and significant impacts on the team, best support heroes in Mobile Legends are important roles to pick. So, make sure your team has one of the best supports mentioned above and dominate the game every time.