The 6 Best Upcoming Phones 2018 That You Have to Know

As we can see and we have known on the last 2017 there are a lot of advance smartphone that has been released. If we talk about technology, it will be no end and limit and of course it will always expand. So don’t miss the technology OK!. And now, in 2018 there are many companies that will be compete to make a smartphone which cooler and more advance. So follow me to know the 6 best upcoming phones 2018

below :

The 6 Best Upcoming Phones 2018

Iam sure that you curious what are the 6 super advance and cool smartphone that will release in 2018. Here are the list and the explanation:

1. Samsung Galaxy S9/ Note 9

I’am strongly believe that all people know and familiar with “Samsung”. Every year, Samsung release many type of their smartphone. in 2017 Samsung released Samsung S8, S8+ and Galaxy Note 8. And at this time Samsung smartphone will present Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in the spring session and Note 9 in autumn session. There is rumor if Samsung might be enclose the fingerprint scanner under the screen of Samsung Galaxy S9 and make Samsung Note 9 as the fold phone.

2. Apple iPhone Xs

There’s no doubt of the quality if we talk about Apple device. It has been ensure if Apple iPhone Xs will have a lot of advances like iPhone X and give the better product than the last product that has been spread.

3. Nokia 9

And here is Nokia 9. This devica has a great camera with the Zeiss optic and snapdragon 835. This smartphone bring the storage 128 GB and RAM 4 GB and Android 8.0 (Oreo). The battery capacity of this smartphone is 3.250 mAh with fast charger.

4. Xperia XZ2

The first rank is goes to Xperia XZ2, as i hears that this smartphone will having Aualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and have battery capacity that is 3.130 mAh. Smartphone Xperia XZ2 and had been equiped withe the newest android operation system. This smartphone have as screen 5,48 inch Full HD HDR Triluminos and RAM 4 GBD with 64 GB storage. Are you sure that you don’t wanna buy it?

5. Huawei P11

Huawei P11 is located in the 4 rank. This smartphone may can be have a powerful camera that is 40 MP with RAM 8 GB. Huawei itself is called as the competitor of iPhone X because of the 3D face scanning feature. As i heard, Huawei P11 Smartphone will be release in the Mobile World Congress 2018.
On the following month, February.

6. Google Pixel 3 and 3XL

You’re gonna feel weird when you hear that Google wanna release the smartphone. Yup! This smartphone will be release with many increases in the several feature, those are the screen component, battery, camera an the artificial intelligence (AI) and the machine learning (ML) in the every feature that can be the complement of the first and the second generation.

Those are the 6 best upcoming phones 2018 that will be release this year. Hoping that it would give the benefits for you to help you choose what a smartphone that you’re gonna buy in this 2018.


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