Top 7 Heroes Often Used by MPL Player in Competition

Nowadays, Mobile Legends becomes more and more popular among people. All people around the world including adults and teenagers play this game. They become even more interested in Mobile Legend due to the MPL existence. There are 7 heroes often used by MPL player; they become people’s favorite. Each of them will have his/her own skills used for battle. These top heroes used by MPL player will be played all people around the world. Of course, the heroes are strong and cool. However, they may lose the competition. Well, the victory will depend on the players, not the heroes. It’s like a new player will lose from the pro player.

List of Favorite 7 Heroes Often Used by MPL Player

Even though there are many heroes exist, MPL player always uses these 7 heroes. What are they? Here are 7 heroes often used by MPL player in the competition. Let’s check it out together in this following detail!

1. Grock

Though Grock’s appearance looks very over; he is big with his different weapons installed in, he still could win over Tigreal and Franco. This must be surprising because both Tigreal and Franco are difficult to defeat but he is successful to do it. Grock is one of 7 heroes used by MPL player in the game due to his skills. He has great a defense and last HP. It is true that he may not be as fast as the other heroes are. Thus, every Grock’s attack is accurate and deadly. With the right item used, this hero will not lose the game.

2. Lesley

Do you know that Lesley is a female hero used by ML gamers? Yep, this hero character becomes 7 heroes edition used by MPL player often. Lesley surprisingly has double roles in the game. She could be both Marksman and Assassin. Of course, her damage will be undoubtedly strong and accurate. This hero has four enabled skills including lethal shoot, master of camouflage, tactical grenade, and ultimate snipe. People love her master of camouflage most because Lesley could give serious damage and harass to her enemy. Yet, what people like most about Lesley hero is that she could attack her enemy from far space. Of course, this may make the enemy difficult to strike back. Last, Lesley has the ability to attack the hidden players from far. Well, there is no use to hide when Lesley comes, right?

3. Harley

People always idolize Harley so much. Why? That is because she is one of best 7 heroes in used in Mobile Legend by MPL. She is a multipurpose hero. Actually, she is a Mage but she can turn into Marksman or Assassin. This is of course very helpful for MPL player who plays the game in the team, right? As they said, Harley would be the number one MPL player’s favorite hero. Her skills include magic master, poker trick, space escape, and deadly magic. When Harley uses her deadly magic skill, she could lock her target and may give 200 magic damages to her locked enemy. Also, she may slower her enemy for 1.5 seconds.

4. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is a hero from Asia. He is a ninja that always becomes people’s choices. His Phantom Shuriken is his special weapon. By using Shuriken, he could clean the lane fast. That’s why Hayabusa becomes one of 7 heroes used often by MPL player in 2019. This hero character’s skills are shadow heal, phantom shuriken, quad shadow, and shadow kill. Shadow kill is the coolest skill he has. When he activates it, he cannot be targeted by his enemy. Also, he would be able to attack all his enemies near him including minion. Finally, you can get this hero with 599 diamonds.

5. Chou

Same as Hayabusa, Chou comes from Asia, China. All the people call him a KungFu boy. He is nominated as popular 7 heroes used by MPL players since 2018 till now. With the best gamer, Chou may be the best hero with fast farming skill. Different from other heroes, he could level up fast and easily. Once again, this will depend on the player though. Chou skills include only fast, Jeet Kune Do, the way of Dragon, and Shunpo. All skills are charming but Jeet Kune Do may be the cooler one. This is because you could use this skill three times with each attack will give 140 physical damages to the competitor.

6. Lancelot

Talking about the most handsome hero played by MPL, people will think about Lancelot. This hero sure is like a good-looking guy with catchy weapons. He is very lithesome so that he can destroy his enemy fast and easily. As you join the late game, this hero character even becomes stronger and undefeated. For your information, Lancelot has four damaging skills including soul cutter, puncture, thorned rose, and phantom execution. Phantom execution is the best skill Lancelot has. Once he uses it, he could attack other MPL player unstoppable and he cannot attack back at that time.

7. Angela

It is true that Angela is very useful for both beginner and pro in playing ML game. She is actually only a supported hero in games. However, she still becomes the best heroes for MPL player in ML because she could support the team. She could do a teleport so that she can communicate with her hero’s team, telling them about the enemy she knows. Same as the other heroes, Angela has four skills. They are Smart Heart, Love Waves, Puppet-On-The-String, and Heartguard. Each skill may have its own useful side. Love waves; for instance, is helpful for attacking the enemy till 320 base damages.

Actually, there are still many more great heroes used. However, those heroes often used by MPL player are the best from best for the competition. If you are going to have an MPL match, it is better to choose one hero which may suit your skills also. Finally, from those heroes above, Harley becomes the number-one hero loved most. However, if you are not capable of using Harley, you could still be defeated by other heroes.