Alice Hero Guide Mobile Legends – Best Hero to Absorb Enemies’ Blood

Alice Hero Guide

Alice can be one of the strong heroes to use in the entire game. Of course, it happens if you use her properly. This hero can give high ability effects to your team with all of her skills. So, to optimize her role, you can see this Alice hero guide. Then, the most important matter to know if you want to play with her is recognizing her skills and use Alice build 2019. Thus, you can just practice more to increase your mastery after knowing those two matters.

Get to Know the Skills of Alice hero Guide

Before start practicing with this hero, it is better to know the skills first. So, let’s see all of her skills below carefully.

1. Passive Skill – Blood Ancestry

This skill is so useful for Alice hero guide. She will get hit point regeneration every time there are nearby minions dies.

2. 1st skill – Flowing Blood

When you cast this skill, Alice will shoot a blood blob in the designed direction. It can damage to the enemy. Besides, this skill can be used again to make her teleport to the location where the blood blob goes.

3. 2nd Skill – Blood Awe

When this skill is used, Alice will make the nearby enemies immobilized and slow them after it happens. Besides creating a crowd control, this skill also deals damage to the enemies.

4. Ultimate Skill – Blood Ode

By casting this skill, she will enter a blood-drinking mode for 4 seconds. In that duration, Alice will deal damage to the surrounding enemies in a wide area. This condition also restores her hit point. It is a good skill to use when a team war happens on the battlefield. This ultimate skill will give big effect to win war since it will absorb all nearby enemies’ blood.

The Best Build for Alice hero Guide

When you want to make her skills so strong, you have to buy the right items during the game. So, here are the items that are suitable for Alice.

1. Arcane Boots

Boots are very important for all heroes and to buy this item is a must. So, for Alice, the best boot is Arcane Boots. This item will increase her movement speed and give additional magical penetration.

2. Enchanted Talisman

This item is important for this hero to increase her magical damage. Besides, it is useful to give cooldown reduction to her skill and mana regeneration.

3. Concentrated Energy

The third best item for Alice based on the Alice hero guide mobile legends is Concentrated Energy. It will give additional magic power and hit points. So, make sure you buy this item when it reaches the mid-game.

4. Glowing Wand

When the match almost reaches the late game, you should have this item for her. It will give additional magic power, hit point, and movement speed.

5. Holy Crystal

To add an extremely magic power, this item is the best choice for Alice. It will add very high magic lower to every skill of this hero.

6. Blood Wings

When the battlefield reaches the late game, it is the item that should be bought when you play with Alice. It will add the highest magic power to all mage heroes and give additional hit points significantly.

Well, that is all about the Alice hero guide mobile legends you can learn. Make sure you understand her skill and the best items for them. Then, you can practice more to increase your gameplay.