Rafaela Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Brilliant Healer for Allies

Rafaela Hero Guide

Rafaela is the best healer mobile legends that can give a big impact on the team. Besides healing, she can also speed up the hero movement of your team. Then, she has a skill that can give damage to enemy heroes. So, to use her properly, you can follow this Rafaela hero guide in Mobile Legends. After knowing her characteristics, you can use her to help your team win the war.

Skills of Rafaela Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

This hero has complete skills that can be used to heal, speed up, and deal with damages. So, let’s see them by following the explanation below.

1. Passive Skill – Deity Penalization

Rafaela has a passive skill that can send the penalization power to any enemy that kills her. After 2 seconds she is killed, this power will be sent to the enemy hero and give true damage. The damage that she deals with equals to 20% of the target max hit points. When the enemy that kills her has less than 20% of his/her max hit point, he/she must be killed after 2 seconds.

2. 1st Skills – Wings of Holiness

When you cast this skill, this hero will use the holy light power and give damages up to three heroes near her. This skill is useful to help your team decrease the enemy heroes’ blood little by little.

3. Holy Healing

As the name, this skill of Rafaela hero guide in Mobile Legends will heal the injured hit point. It works for herself and the most injured hit point of certain heroes from your team. Besides, this skill will also increase the movement speed of the nearby allies.

4. Ultimate Skill – Holy Baptism

By casting this skill, Rafaela will punish the enemy hero in front of her using the power of holy light. It will give high damage and stun the enemy hero.

Best Emblem for Rafaela

To optimize her role, you can choose the right emblem. So, here are the recommended emblems for this hero.

1. Common Magic

The first emblem which is suitable for her is common magic. You can set this emblem to give additional HP, mana regeneration, additional magic power, magic penetration, and others.

2. Custom Support

The second choice for this hero is Custom Support. It is very suitable since the main role of this hero is to support the team.

The Recommended Spells for Rafaela Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Besides emblem, a spell is important to help Rafaela do an important role on the battlefield. Here are the spells you can use for her.

1. Healing spell

This spell is useful to give burst healing to all of your allies in an urgent condition. Besides, it will regenerate her mana when it totally runs out.

2. Flicker

This spell can help you run away from the enemy instantly. It can be so since you can use it to make Rafaela teleport to the designed direction. Besides running away, you can use this spell when you chase the enemy to give offensive attacks.

All of the explanations related to Rafaela hero guide in Mobile Legends above will be helpful if you learn it well. Besides learning, you should also practice more so that you can improve your mastery.