How to Get Free Skin Legend Mobile Legends in Various Ways

Free Skin Legend Mobile Legends

Hunt free skin legend Mobile Legends in 2020, do not perpetuate it? Many sources from many countries offer this service on the internet. Nowadays, you can forget the fee for getting the hero’s ML skin that is not cheap. Of course, you can use one of the ways that this page presents for you. Besides getting a lot of tricks to get it, you will see some Mobile Legends free skin giveaways. You might have known it, anyway, but it does not matter to remind and ensure your choice again.

10 Free Skin Legend Mobile Legends Options for Playing in 2020

Which your favorite hero from 10 heroes existing in Mobile Legends? You are, surely, difficult to point one as the most favorite hero. It is because they can fight amazingly with specific powers. 10 Free Skin Legend Mobile Legends below are great players that you must collect:

  1. Kimmy Mobile Legends as the Skin Bio Frontier
  2. Balmond is the hero of Skin Savage Point guard
  3. Skin Helcurt comes as the Ice Scythe
  4. Epic Skin Angela appears as the Skin V.E.N.O.M Vespid
  5. Alucard is the special Skin for Romantic Fantasy
  6. Elite Skin Gusion is the free Skin Hairstylist
  7. Bane is the epic skin of Count Dracula
  8. Rafaela is the epic skin of Flower Fairy
  9. Zilong is the Glorious General Skin
  10. Layla is the skin of Cannon and Roses

Three Methods for getting Free Skin Legend Mobile Legends Easily

In this section, this page presents three methods on how to get free skin Legend Mobile Legends. Let’s see it and be sure to find the best method for you:

Method 1
  • In the first method, you will start by opening the side of to see some hero skins. So, select the skin that you want and select “Get a Reward”.
  • The second step asks for filing some existing data like Email, Password, Phone Number (for login), ML Level, and log in. Besides through phone numbers, you can use Facebook to log in.
  • Afterward, your step is clicking “Sumit” and finally done. But, you should wait for 24 hours (maximum) for Moonton processing your account.
Method 2

The second method has some requirements such as you must have the hero. Then, you can only use it (the skin) in classic or custom mode. Okay, here are 4 steps on how to get free Skin Legend Mobile Legends:

  • By the way, this method uses the third-party namely the LuluBox application that you can download in Play Store.
  • The second step asks for entering and updating the app also follow the instructions inside.
  • Next, it is the step for choosing the game of Mobile Legend where it leads to the Setting. Here, you will enable the unlimited skin feature so all skin opens automatically.
  • Open your Mobile Legend apps by launching the Setting or pressing “Running” button. Furthermore, play the game of Mobile Legends such as usual!
Method 3

The last method asks for extracting the cheat script first using the third-party too. Well, here are 4 steps to get free skin Legend Mobile Legends:

  • At this time, this page uses the ZArchiver application to extract the script cheat skin Mobile Legends. Next, download the script and open your third-party application. Start to extract the script that you have downloaded previously by choosing “Extract Here”.
  • Next, you will wait for the extracting processing and get three new files to choose from. The instruction is to choose the icon (top right corner) and go on selecting “Select-Many”.
  • Select-Many means you should choose All Extracted Files by selecting the icon of “Check”. Go on the icon “Menu” and choose “Copy”.
  • Lastly, you must search the Mobile Legends Directories file and paste all files that you have copied before.

Other Recommendations to get Free Skin Legend Mobile Legends

Besides those methods, this page still has some ways to get your Free Skin Legend Mobile Legends. It consists of:

  • Purchase the Smartphone for Official MLBB

MLBB is Mobile Legends Bang Bang and the most suitable smartphone is Vivo V7. The owner of the smartphone has made cooperation with game production. Besides that brand, you can find other smartphones that cooperate with MLBB. The Mobile Legends will give a free skin of Eudora until December 31, 2020, by redeeming the ML code.

  • Join Unipin Top Up Promotion

Quite keep an eye the game store of Unipin for getting the promotion through the official fans page or website. You can get a diamond or the Mobile Legends skin hero.

  • Join the official MLBB Events

MLBB often holds official events where the skin giveaway comes from the developer.

  • Open Chest

The third way is by opening the chest you can get free skin. It turns out there are two kinds of chest that you can open namely medal chest and free chest. You can the free chest every 4 hours and the medal chest for 24 hours. The gifts will depend on the rank and 10 point dowry.

  • You can use a skin trial

Skin trial is a feature to get free skin in a period but it is very useful to collect skin.

  • Join Offline Global Competition by Moonton

Moonton often holds an offline global competition and give Layla the Blue Spectre as the free skin gift.

  • Play Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin is a feature in MOBA Mobile Legends that you can use every 2 weeks. It turns out this feature brings plenty of prizes including the hero skins.

  • Get high rank

Mobile Legends will reset the rank system per season or every 3 months. The gift for the minimum rank master is an exclusive skin, ticket, and the battle points for a season. How do you reach the highest rank?

  • Every Day Log-in

Feel free to log-in every day because it adds your chance to get free skin especially on day 7.

  • Follow Youtuber Gaming Giveaway Event

Lastly, you can follow the game event with free skin as the prize from the gaming YouTuber. To get the free skin or other gifts quite follow the giveaway event from the influencers.

Well, that is the complete knowledge about how to get free skin Legend Mobile Legends 2020. It is easy and many ways are available for you who do not have the lazy character to hunt the free skin. Thank you for reading! Enjoy this article! Put anything you need! Good luck!