Cecilion Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Know More about Cecilion

Hello Mobile Legends players! What do you know about Cecilion? You have to know that Cecilion is the second hero in 2020. Then, this Cecilion hero guide will allow you to recognize that Cecilion will give burst damage to a high area. In addition, you may see the performance of this hero in the late game. Well, in the information below, you can check the Cecilion emblem build and also the guide to use the skills Cecilion has.

5 Main Items Build in the Cecilion Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Actually, Cecilion has 5 items build that you can use in a ranked match. Do you want to know them? If it is so, please follow the information below carefully!

1. Clock of Destiny

The first item builds that Cecilion has is the Clock of Destiny. Greatly, it is classified into the best item for Cecilion in the early game. It is because this item will help you to increase the magic power, a huge amount of mana, and max HP. Besides, this kind of items will also increase 30 HP and 5 magic power. It may happen every 30 seconds.

2. Lightning Truncheon

Then, the second item that you can find in the cecilion hero guide is Lightning Truncheon. In this case, you should buy this item after buying the previous one. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because this item will be the best if you can combine it with Clock of Destiny.

Furthermore, if you use this kind of item build, it allows that you can increase the magic power, mana, and also cooldown reduction. Thus, the passive skill of this item in Cecilion can impose additional damage. You can do it if you have hit an enemy with skill.

3. Demon Shoes

The next item builds that you can use when you play Mobile Legends is the Demon Shoes. Actually, this item is like a shoe item that will help the players to increase the movement speed and mana regen. In this case, Cecilion will need regeneration and high mana to use his skill for the offense. So, please don’t feel to worry about running out the mana with this item in the early game!

4. Glowing Wand

How about this kind of item builds? Yea, Cecilion hero Mobile Legends will use this item build to optimize his damage well. Besides, if he uses this item, he can increase his magic power, movement speed, and max HP. Then, for the additional information, you have to know that the passive skill of this item build will help you to burn the enemy and even can impose the damage up to 4%. It is the range of the target of max HP.

5. Holy Crystal

What can you infer with this item build? Exactly, you need to recognize that every mage hero that is completed with massive burst damage will need this item, Holy Crystal. Moreover, it is such a magic item that can increase the magic power up to 90 points and 25%.

2 Tips to Use Skills in the Cecilion Hero Guide

On the other hand, there are also 2 tips that you can try to use the skills in this Cecilion hero guide Mobile Legends. What are they? Let’s check out!

1. Ensure every skill

The first guide that you can try is making sure that every skill will hit the target. Here, the passive skill of Cecilion will increase his mana whenever he hits the target with a skill. Besides, the damage of Cecilion will increase if his mana pool grows.

2. Activate ultimate skill

Then, what about this second tip in Cecilion hero guide? Yea, after activating the ultimate skill, he will transform into a vampire so that his movement speed is raised. In addition, that skill will also impose disturbing damage to the enemy.

Well, that is the beneficial information about the Cecilion hero guide. Have a nice apply!