Bane Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – The 7th Seas Back to Power

Bane Hero Guide

Bane is one of the Fighter hero in Mobile Legends game the high-class damage. this hero has great Crowd Control skill. Bane hero can be used for killing the enemies hero even when in the team fight at once. The Bane hero itself need the special build item to maximize the usage as the best pusher. This is the Bane hero guide in Mobile Legends, the build item and some of interesting tips and trick that you can try in the game.

Bane Hero Guide In Mobile Legends

Bane is a Fighter hero in Mobile Legends that can be translucent with the price 32000 BP or 254 Diamonds. In this time, Bane hero has 3 skins that you can use, that is the Lord of the Seven Seas, the Deep Sea Monster and the Count Dracula. This Bane hero has the Push specialize that suitable to help to destroy the enemies tower effectively. Over this time, the Bane display is the revamped result that makes the several skill change and makes more scarier. Are you curious whatever things that should be prepared before playing Bane hero in Mobile Legends? Let’s see this list:

The Skill of Bane Hero Mobile Legends

Bane Hero Guide

Before you play so far to the build item which right for Bane hero, it would better if you know and understand that skills, that I will explain.

Bane Passive Skill: Shark Bite

Bane Gun will be fulfilled by the electric current power in the every 6 seconds. After that Bane hero increases the basic attack power for about 60% and give the 75% – 100% splash damage to the closest enemy and make it slow.

Skill 1 Bane: Crab Claw Cannon
  • Cooldown: 7.0
  • Mana Cost: 60

The Crab Claw Cannon attacks are throw and produce the physical damage on the first enemy until the back. it was added with the enemies movement speed decrease around there.

Skill 2 Bane: Rum

  • Cooldown: 100
  • Mana Cost: 70

Seems like the last version, Bane hero relies on the Rum to turn back his status. For this time, Bane takes the Rum directly and turn back the HP and increase the movement speed until 30 %. On the next 5 seconds, Bane can explode the poison to the enemy in front of him and produce the magic damage.

Skill Ultimate Bane: Deadly Catch
  • Cooldown: 40.0
  • Mana Cost: 120

Bane hero manipulate tide seawater and call the fish from inland oceans produce the physical damage to the enemy. Skill ultimate can attack 2 closer enemy and produce 15% damage on the Tower.

Build Item Bane of Mobile Legends

Bane has the high durability, it makes Bane suitable for doing push to the enemies tower without worried to die. And for increasing the attacks power, Bane hero can use the enhancement on the Physical Attack and Attack Speed. Build Item of Bane Hero in Mobile Legends above is not a definite benchmark, so you can combine it with another item. let’s continue to follow the bane hero guide below:

1. Warrior Boots (movement): the Warrior Boots will add +22 Armor and +40 Movement Speed.

2. Corrosion Scythe (attack): the Corrosion Scythe give the addition +50 physical attack, +400 HP and +15 % attack speed. This item is also have the chance to decrease the attack speed with the enemies movement speed.

3. Blade of the 7 seas (attack): the Blade of the 7 seas give +75 Physical Attack and +300 HP. This item could increase the enemies Physical Defense in 3 seconds.

4. Wings of The Apocalipse Queen (defense): the Wings of the Apocalypse Queen give +15 Physical Attack, +1000 HO and +10% Cooldown Reduction.

5. Brute Force Breastplate (defense): The Brute Force Breastplate gives +770 HP and +45 Amor.

6. Blade of Despair (attack): the Blade of Despair will increase drastically +170% Physical Attack and +10% Attack Speed.

7. Immortality (defense): The Immortality being the Opsional Item of Bane hero by giving +800 HP and 40+ Magic Resistance. Bane also turn alive after he died for about 2 seconds.

Besides the Bane build item above, you can choose the Bane hero battle spell recommendation is Flicker. Flicker could make Bane escape faster. You can also choose to Inspire to speed up the Bane attack speed by doing the push tower. Meanwhile, for the Bane hero emblem in Mobile Legends, you can choose Common Physical Emblem or the Custom Fighter Emblem.

Tips For Using Bane Hero In Mobile Legends

The next of bane hero guide is tips to using bane hero. Because Bane hero has many kinds of the new skill, so Bane has several tips to begin the game in Mobile Legends. On the first competition, you can do farming to speed up to lift the level. To maximize Bane’s role, you can increase the Skill 1 Crab Claw Cannon to kill the creep effectively and it combined with the Shark Bite Passive skill. And you can also using skill 2 Rum to speed up the lane movement and help the team. When you are in the team fight you can also doing the combination ultimate skill > skill 1 > skill 2 > basic attack. Here is the explanation:

1. Bane hero can set up the direction and come into the team fight. But Bane need to activate the ultimate skill Deadly Catch before which can be chase until 2 closest enemies.

2. After that, Bane hero can spamming skill 1 Crab Claw Cannon and Skill 2 Rum by giving out the poison to the enemy. Then kill the enemy using the basic attack.

Those are the Bane Hero Guide in Mobile Legends, follows by the build item Zhask and several tips and trick about how to play Bane Hero. Please also read our article about the best guide of mobile legends and share. Goodluck!



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