Providing 5 Simple Ways to Get Free Skin, Diamonds, and Hero for You

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Are you one of the mobile legend’s lovers? And, are you looking for the ways to get free skin, diamonds, and hero in your account of mobile legends? If the answer is true, don’t worry! Please give your best attention to this useful information! Well, as the lovers of mobile legends, it is of course for you to have the great hero and skin. Even though you have been comfy and pleasant with your mainstay hero and skin, surely, you want to have a new hero. It means that you want to try using it on the battlefield. So, in this information, you will find the ways how to get skins in mobile legends for free. Besides, the ways to get hero and diamond will also be shared here.

5 Great Ways to Get Free Skin, Diamonds, Hero

When you want to know the ways to get free skin, diamonds, hero, don’t be confused! There will be available for you five ways that you can know. Well, are you curious about them? Just follow these ways well!

1. Collecting fragment

The first way to get mobile legends free heroes and skins is collecting fragments. Actually, there are three kinds of the fragment in mobile legends. They are premium skin fragments, rare skin fragments, and hero fragments. You can get its fragment from the daily reward or event reward. Greatly, each of the fragments has an attractive collection to be exchanged.

2. Using app

The second way that you can get free skin or diamonds from downloading the app which is included reward based. In this application, you must finish some duties like watching an advertisement or downloading an application. As a reward, you will get a point or money which you can exchange with a diamond of mobile legends. For the additional information, as a good reference for you, you can use some applications like Free My Apps and Tap Cash Rewards.

3. Being a global ultimate

It is not easy to be a global ultimate in mobile legends. Hard work and extra effort are needed here. Greatly, by doing them, you will get a big advantage. One of them is that you do not need to buy a diamond. When becoming a global ultimate, you will have many followers and get the coin in every match streaming. More and more coin that you get, you will also get mobile legends free diamonds daily.

4. Playing in the contest arena

The next way that you can do is playing in the contest arena. Actually, this way can also provide a coin for you. In order to be able to play in this arena, you must have rank over the Master. Besides, you must also have a high MMR in your country. MMR or Match Making Rating is a system of hero strength that you use when playing. The higher and higher point that you get, you will have a big chance to participate in the National Contest.

5. Subscribing and Watching certain channel

The last way to get skin, hero, and diamond freely is subscribing and watching certain channel. There are a few certain channels that let you get free skin, hero, or even diamond by subscribing them. You need to know that this way is the easiest one. In this case, you should subscribe to the certain channel and always watch videos on it. Besides, please don’t forget to give “like” and also the comment. By doing that, you will get many Give Away. This matter will give many interesting rewards to you. Those rewards are included in free skin, hero, and diamond in mobile legends.

That’s all about the great ways to get free skin, diamond, hero that you can know. Just apply them if you like playing a game of mobile legends! Have a nice try!