Zilong Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – One of Strongest Hero

Zilong is one of the strongest hero in Mobile Legends that you can get freely. So, how lucky you are to play this hero. The Zilong hero guide in Mobile Legends here wants to ease you to use it well. It will discuss advantages, weakness, how to play, and others (if the time is still available). The most important thing the third points will be the main topic of the day. Absolutely, this page is not unwilling to give the complete guide Mobile Legends of Zilong Hero. The limited space and time ask it to continue next time.

Zilong Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Advantages and the Weakness

Zilong comes as the best indicators where the skill is very useful for its team. Moreover, the ultimate skill which this hero own shows numerous useful advantages. Well, it is the right time to reveal the superiorities that Zilong owns including:

  • Capable to approach the hero ranked quickly.
  • If it gets appropriate supporters, Zilong will play very powerful.
  • It is able to fight 1 vs 1 as long as using the ultimate skill.
  • Helps to push several lanes in a short time.
  • It comes as the Assasin or Hybrid Fighter.
  • Big damage potential to the enemy.
  • Zilong has a big influence to win from the ability to damage the tower and push a lane.
  • Defeat Lord and Turtle in Early game.
  • The team relies on the dragon as the spearhead in facing the enemies.
Next of Zilong guide in Mobile Legends shows 2 weakness include:
  • Zilong has a very weaken crowd control skill.
  • the HP is merely small.

7 Best Tricks to Play Zilong Hero

In this game, Zilong often collaborates to Angela and Estes. Angela helps you to heal you, reduces your enemies’ defense, as well move fast. She is able to ease you finishing your enemies quickly because Angela gives you a shield. Meanwhile, Estes is not only able to increase your defense and heal you. Even though, it gives you the opportunity to dive and skill your enemy. To remember that you will counter Pharsa, Odette, and Zhask. On the other hands, Akai, Freya, Kagura, and Alucard are the heroes who will counter you.

Actually, who are they? By the way, the guide hero Zilong Mobile Legends is ready to explain properly:


Pharsa is always ready to respond many damages and it always warns its enemies yo be careful. Nevertheless, Zilong may defeat Pharsa with canceling its main skill using the Back Spear.


Odette is able to force the enemies to stop with its main ability. This hero does by slowing down whoever exists under Odette’s effects. Use your Spear Flip to stop it easily.


It is a mage but the tower damages make Zhask becoming weak. Another good news is this hero is unable to run away if you caught Zhask.


Usually, Akai uses the last ability to block your Zilong’s team formation.


Freya is a fighter who uses her last ability too and it is possible to be your difficult enemy. This hero uses its last ability to get a normal physical attack amount and increase her defense.


It includes the stronger mages in Mobile Legends and quite difficult to master.


Alucard as well becomes the difficult match for you too because his ultimate skill may increase its life steal.

So, how Zilong hero guide 2019 leads you to play? Let’s see together:

1. Maximize your hero’s abilities to involve and defeat your enemies. Be careful toward the Base Attack which can occur the main damage.

2. Due to Zilong only has 30 seconds to cool down, use your last skill carelessly anytime you can.

3. Control the game with passing your enemies but do not forget to plant gold and experience insides.

4. Take your mages and sniper aim to enter in the war when your team is doing it.

5. Fall down your squishy enemies from the side.

6. This game always needs a good strategy and team so that do not be selfish.

7. You must know that none enemy can pass your speed. So, let Zilong use its ability to run away or chase your enemies.

Okay, those are 7 cool ways from Zilong hero guide in Mobile Legends. Happy Playing!