Top 10 Youtubers in United States American

As we have known that Youtube is a funny and beneficial site. But sometimes, we are almost forgotten with our time causes streaming video on Youtube. It seems like we are addicted to watching the video on this sites. And don’t you know? In out there, there are a lot of youtube creator or we can call them Youtuber that makes the viewer being interested with their creature moreover they could get hundreds of a million views. In the United State of America itself, the new youtuber appeared continously. So a lot of people that want be Youtubers in United States American.

They have an intention to take a intention from many viewers in this whole world. Even we could find the beneficial video on Youtube such as tutorial video, news video, entertainment video and a many else. We can also use this Youtube site for learning English lesson. Here are the Top 10 Youtubers in United States American and the channels that would help you to learn English but it keep funny.

Top 10 Youtubers in United States American

1. Jenna Marbles

First of top 10 youtubers in United States American is Jenna Marbles. In this channel, Jenna talks about the Girly Stuff or gossip. Actually, Jenna is so beautiful girl but her performs are always looks like a foolish girl. This channel gets a lot of support from a lot of women. And until now, Jenna Marbles has been got for than 15 million subscribers. You can also found Jenna’s video on Youtube, for example, is “The Reason why the girls using Makeup” and “What is the meaning of underwear for a girl”.

2. BuzzFeed

This is the short channels video that the outlet of the video has been admitted by the netizen. This video has 3 minutes durations. And as a big part, this video is shows and share the daily life tips, the funny experience and the several suggestions from many people that have been combined and designed interesting and funny. And moreover in this BuzzFeed channel itself serving the subtitle that can make the other more understand and simple. So that this channel are being the perfect channel for helping to learn English.

3. Epic Rap Battle of History

This is the channels youtube that having many kind videos, that was contained by Rap Battle here as the 2 rappers that having the words to mock each other. In this site, they were often using the historical figures as the rapper and also there are many kind combinations. Start from “Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.” And also the fictional like “Goku vs Superman”. And over this time, there is the rapper among “Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates”, this video got a lot of intention from many viewers. Are you curious with this? Let’s check this sites out.

4. Michelle Phan

Here is the beauty blogger and also the makeup artist that has been popular in Japan too. She is the ancestry from Vietnam and America. She was established her career  by improving the makeup artist skills and connecting some contract with the several famous cosmetics brand such as Lancome. And now, she uses her skill to continue her career as the entrepreneur in a beauty division.

In otherwise, not only her face that looks so beautiful, she pronounce of speaking English makes anyone that watch her video being more understand the value that she was conveyed. Michelle Plan not only talking about a beautifulness from outside, but she’s also given the tips, motivation, advice and suggestion how to huge an inner beauty.

5. Good Mythical Morning

This is the comedy sites that were the weird fisheye and the couple were debate and doing the experiment that there is the connection with the several urban legends. In this clip, they try to solve the bodies mystery. It’s like is the ear could move? Or could you touch your nose with your tongue?. Their popularity put on their ability to make several things being so funny and make the viewers feels so excited. Don’t miss their conversation that sometimes heard so bad and so british among them.


The next of top 10 Youtubers in United States American is Nerdy. The nerdy means my brain or the maniac. Same like the name, this is the cooking event whereas they could make several geeky things. Those things will look like the games character or the things from the movie. There is the Host that called Host Ro. He invites many guesses to make many kind characters and that’s namely “desserts character”. And the result that they made looks so cute and funny. But there are still a lot of conversation that there is a connection with cooking.

7. The Fine Bros

This is the interesting sites whereas you can see how the children and the teenagers give the feedback with their primitive culture. And you can see the space of the generation exactly in front of your eyes. The word reaction that the children and the teenagers said to their primitive culture and the space of the generation are heard so interested and also suggested using the words that can accept by the others. For example, when they see live footage from The Beatles, which is some rock band that popular on their time (1960). There is some child that feels so disappointed then he asks “why they didn’t use iPod?” look at their feedback in a modern and funny style that make this site being more popular.

8. TED Talk

TED Talk’s one of youtubers in United States American. It is the global college that holding in Canada and California that focus on the academy, technology, idea, and artistic division. A lot of famous presenters or the professor serve the concept the most awesome then make TED with their vision “Idea Worth Spreading” or the spreading of the idea that really worth. The several content video said too complicated, but that is this site. This site is a which is the greatest side to practice the listening skill.

9. The VICE News

This is the subculture outlet media that began on the free magazine by showing some information about political and a world culture. This is about the conversation with the President Barack Obama that getting many intentions. This interview touched every division. Such as drug legalization, immigration, global warming, and the political condition. This sites is suitable for you, those who wanna increase your knowledge and also your insight.

10. Soul Pancake

The last of list of top 10 Youtubers in United States American is Soul pancake. The sites give the inspiration and many ideas for the daily life under of motto “The Big ideas”, it combined with the philosophy thinking. It will make you think about the important things in life by using the easy technical that can be accepted and make the other understand. Whatever thing inside the video will make the viewers understand. And also this video completed with the stimulation and inspiration and of course, it will give you the new perspective about life.

As the conclusion, the majority of the people. They learn English or improve their English through watching a western movie or listening to the west music. And if you are is the which is one people that loved to watch the video on the YouTube, so that just choose the interesting channel. And as the result you’ll develop your English skills easier. You can read other article such as The best tech blogger in the world and other article. Thanks for coming to my blog please this article.