How to Root Android Using One Click Root App Easily

Root Android Using One Click Root

As the normally, before we do something we need to know, recognize and understand what is the root, what will we get after rooting our Android Smartphone? (the positive and the negative impact of rooting). One thing that you must remember is. The producer or the vendor or the distributor will cancel your guarantee if their product you’ve been rooted. Part of us are enjoying on using their Android smartphone as must as possible and the other parts want to explore the Android world by rooting their Android smartphone. Let’s learn how to root android using one click root app.

How to Root Android Using One Click Root App

To get the root access from your Android smartphone, you need to follow these below steps of how to root android using One Click Root App.

1. Make sure your Personal Computer (PC) has connected with the Internet to get the registration process or login.

2. To avoid the false alarm, you need to turn off the Antivirus on your Personal Computer.

3. Enable the USB Debugging on your Android Smartphone, by opening Settings – Developer Options – Debugging USB.

4. DOWNLOAD the One Click Root app, then install it on your Computer.

Root Android Using One Click Root

Root Android Using One Click Root

5. After the new window of One Click Root app has opened, then click “ROOT NOW” icon to begin to root android using one click root app.

Root Android Using One Click Root

6. For the next, connect your Android Smartphone to the Personal Computer (PC) through the USB cable. And wait for a minute until the One Click Root app could detect your Android Smartphone.

7. After those 2 boxes has been check listed, and now click “ROOT NOW” icon again, then One Click Root app will search for the driver device from the internet.

one click root app

8. If there’s appear the kind of this new window below, it means that your Android smartphone already safe to be rooted, then click “ROOT NOW” icon again.

one click root apk

9. For the next, there will be the LOG IN window appear on your screen, type your email address and password (not password email) and click “LOG IN” icon if you have created the account, but if you haven’t click “REGISTER NOW” icon.

one click root app

10. After you can log in one click root app, one click root app will root your Android phone, and wait until finish. Those are how to root android using one click root app and now you can verify your rooted phone.

one click root app

How to Verify Your Rooted Phone

You can verify or check your Android Smartphone is it has been rooted or not by using the Root Checker app. If those above steps aren’t success by giving the root access on your Android smartphone. It means One Click App isn’t suitable for your Android Smartphone. You may try another method or another app because actually there’s no the absolutely universal root application. Like what I’ve said in the first paragraph. You need to know and understand about the right root app or the right method that you’re going to use by searching and read carefully.

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