Most Expensive Mobile Legends Skin

Skin becomes one of the most interesting matters to buy in mobile legends. With it, the hero you use in this game will look cooler than before. Besides, each skin of a certain hero will increase the hero’s stat when you use it. For this matter, do you know the most expensive Mobile Legends skin? If you never know it, it is time to find out the most expensive skin in Mobile Legends 2019 and 2020. In addition, all of the hero’s skin can be purchased using diamonds. So, you should purchase diamonds first to buy the best skin you want.

7 Most Expensive Mobile Legends Skin You Can Collect

With the cooler appearance, many people like to collect certain skins and use them while playing ranked mode or other modes. If you are one of the people who want to collect some expensive skins, you can see the list of most expensive ones below. Here we go.

1. Dragon Knight (Zilong)

This skin will change Zilong’s appearance to become cooler than before. This skin contains a blended color of gold, silver, and blue. So, this blend can make a beautiful combination of colors for this hero.

Moreover, this skin will make a great effect when you use Zilong skills in the game. To get the most expensive skin in Mobile Legends, you need to spend 899 diamonds. With this skin, Zilong will also get an additional +8 physical attack attribute.

2. Flower Fairy (Rafaela)

Most Expensive Mobile Legends Skin

Rafaela is a beautiful hero in Mobile Legends. With the Flower Fairy skin, she will look more beautiful. This skin changes her appearance with a rabbit on her head and also easy red wings.

Rafaela’s weapon, it looks different than before. It becomes like a large flower with eggs on it. If you are interested in this skin, you can purchase it with 899 diamonds. With this most expensive Mobile Legends skin, you will get a more beautiful look and an additional +8 magic power for her.

3. Regulator (Saber)

Most Expensive Mobile Legends Skin

Saber is a frightening assassin when he comes to the land of dawn. With a Regulator skin, he looks more frightening and cooler. This skin is dominated by the color of blue, black, silver. All of those colors make Saber look fresh. With the costume like Ninja, this assassin becomes greatly cool. Like the hero that only knows about killing the enemies, this skin is very suitable for Saber. Just get this skin if you like to become a serial killer with this hero.

You need to spend 899 diamonds if you want your hero to wear this cool skin. Besides getting a cooler appearance, Saber will also get an additional +8 physical attack with this skin.

4. Automata (Johnson)

Do you know a hero with a tank role in Mobile Legends that can turn into a car? Yes, he is Johnson. He will look better with Automata skin while going into the land of dawn. This is an epic skin for Johnson that joins the S.A.B.E.R. team.

With a deep gray and blue costume, this skin makes him look more colorful. It can happen since he is only dominated by grey color when he wears no skin. Then, with an appearance like police, this skin will make Johnson scares any enemies in front of him.

When you use this skin in the game, just turn him into a car and make any enemies run cared from the lane. Make joy with this kind of the most expensive skin in Mobile Legends after purchasing it. It costs 899 diamonds to purchase.

5. Count Dracula (Bane)

Are you a user of Bane? If so, you can make him more frightening with this skin. This skin makes bane looks like a Dracula that wears a hat and red cloak. Besides like Dracula, he will also look like a Pirate with the top hat.

This skin is valued at 1089 diamonds. If you are interested in it, just prepare your diamonds for it. After that, you will get a better look and an additional +8 physical attacks attribute after you use this skin for him.

6. Codename Storm (Saber)

If you want a legend skin, this Codename Storm skin can be a good choice for you. This skin will make Saber look like a Gundam. Then, this skin lets Saber have a robot design with a yellow sword. Every Saber users who see this skin must be amazed by the appearance. However, to get this skin is not easy.

You need to play the magic wheel and test your luck. Commonly, the ML users will get this most expensive Mobile Legends skin after they take 200 rounds that spend about 12,000 diamonds. It is so expensive, isn’t it?

7. Modena Butterfly (Miya)

Most Expensive Mobile Legends Skin

This skin can be the most expensive one of all. To get it, you need to play in the magic wheel and spend about 16,000 diamonds. Although it is so expensive, there are still many players that buy this skin. They do it because this skin has a great effect and appearance. This skin dominantly has purple and black colors. Besides, this skin makes Miya look glow and more feminine.

Well, that is all about the most expensive Mobile Legends skin to share with you. Just prepare your diamonds and get them that you desire.