Alucard Hero Guide

What do you think about Alucard hero guide Mobile Legends? Yea, this hero has a fighter role in Mobile Legends. He is a strong hero that almost all players can play with him. It can be so since it is not difficult to play with Alucard. On the other hand, he also can keep fighting for longer periods. Well, in this following information, you will find the Mobile Legends Alucard guide 2019. Just check them out!

4 Skills in Alucard Hero Mobile Legends Build

In this kind of hero, there are four skills that you can know. Do you have a want to know those skills? Please follow this information carefully!

1. Pursuit

This first skill is passive skill. Its ability will counter marksman and even will make people chase easier. With his basic attack after casting the first and second skill, it will close the gap between you and your enemy.

2. Ground Splitter

What about this skill? This is a gap-closing skill that will help this hero chase and run away from the enemy. You are allowed to use this skill to jump through walls. In this case, think that this skill slows the enemy. Thus, you can easily stay close to the enemy.

3. Whirling Smash

The Whirling Smash in Alucard Hero guide mobile legends has large damage but it has a low area. You can use a very short cooldown whenever you want. Then, when this skill is casted, it will trigger the passive skill of him. You can make Alucard close the gap between him and the enemy by pressing the basic attack.

4. Fission Wave

This last skill makes Alucard is very much unkillable. By using this ultimate skill, you can increase your lifesteal by a lot. Even, it deals with a good amount of damage that is good enough to use as an initiator or a finisher.

6 Best Gear Build for Alucard

On the other hand, there is also six best gear build for this hero. What are they? Here are available for you.

1. Warrior Boots

With this item, he will get additional movement speed. Besides, it can give an extra physical defense for him. So, this item will help Alucard survive longer.

2. Haas’s Claws

It is your first life steal item and it offers you 20% of lifesteal. Then, the passive of this item will give an extra 10% of lifesteal.

3. Endless Battle

This item offers a various amount of stats like cooldown reduction, physical attack, physical lifesteal, and extra health points. So, it will be useful when the match comes to the mid-game.

4. Berserker’s Fury

This item will give extra attack to Alucard and let him land a critical hit. Moreover, it will increase your physical attack by 5%.

5. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

When he has this item, he becomes stronger and gets a very high hit point bonus. So, it is useful to help him survive while facing more than one enemy. Also, this passive item will reduce the damage by 50%.

6. Blade of Despair

This kind of item will increase your physical attack by 170. Then, the passive item will increase by 25% of your physical attack.

That’s all about the skills and the best gear builds in Alucard hero guide. Hopefully, it will be helpful for the mobile legends players when using this hero.