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Cyclops Hero Guide

Hi Guys! Meet me again, this time I want to give you good news for playing Mobile Legends. It’s a good news for the gamer because I would like to tell you about several Cyclops Hero Guide in Mobile Legends game, the Build Item Cyclops and several ways how to use Cyclops in Mobile Legends game that you can try. As you have known that in Mobile Legends game there are 9 Mage Hero that you can play, those are:

  1. Alice
  2. Eudora
  3. Gord
  4. Kagura
  5. Cyclops
  6. Aurora
  7. Vexana
  8. Harley
  9. Odette

From those 9 Mage Role Hero in Mobile Legends, I would like to tell you about one of Mage Hero that is the Cyclops Hero in Mobile Legends.

Cyclops Hero Guide in Mobile Legends : A Little Hero With A High Damage

Cyclops is one of Mage Hero in Mobile Legends game than can you buy with the price 32.000 Battle Points (BP) or 599 Diamonds. Nowadays, the Cyclops hero has 3 skins that can be used, there are

  1. Starsoul Magician
  2. Exorcist
  3. Super Adventurer

Here are the Cyclops hero guide skill in Mobile Legends

1. The Passive Cyclops Skill: Starlit Hourglass

The passive skill of Cyclops hero, it means the Starlit Hourglass might the cyclops hero to manipulate the time. when some of skill has been strucked to the enemy, then the cool down will decrease 0.5 seconds.

2. SKILL 1 Cyclops: Stardust Shock
  • Cooldown: 9.0
  • Mana Cost: 100

Cyclops hero will spread out the stardust shock that producing 220/240/260/280/300/320 magic damage to the enemy.

3. Skill 2 Cyclops: Planets Attack
  • Cooldown: 14.0
  • Mana Cost: 75

When the Skill 2 cyclops hero it means the Planets Attack is activated, there will be many ball around it. For the every ball that can be strucked by the enemy, it will producing 200/225/250/275/300/325 the magic damage.

4. The Ultimate Cyclops Skill: Star Power Lockdown
  • Cool down: 36.0
  • Mana Cost: 160

The Cyclops hero will pull out the skill that can lock the enemy for 1/1/1~2/2/2 seconds. That attack will produce 500/600/700 magic damage.

The Build Item

This is the best recommendation for the gamer those who excited to use Cyclops hero for the fight Match Up or for Ranked.

  • Lightning Truncheon (magic)
  • Arcane Boots (movement)
  • Concentrated Energy (magic)
  • Glowing Wand (magic)
  • Holy Crystal (magic)
  • Blood Wings (magic)

If your enemy on the Mobile Legends game has the Estes and the Rafaela, you can change the Disaster Truncheon to be the Necklace of Durance. The Recommendation of Batlle Spell Cyclops is a Flicker. But if the Cyclops takes the mid-lane, it can be changed into the Retribution.

Tips For Cyclops

Cyclops Hero Guide

As the one of hero Mage, the Cyclops hero has the high damage. The skill 1 and skill 2 of the cyclops hero also enough help to fight many enemies at once. When you were using the Cyclops hero, make sure that your position are not in front of the line when the war was happen. Then span skill 1 to kill the enemy in a far direction and for skill 2 of the Cyclops hero, it has a high damage that can kill the marksman.

Generally, for the combinined skill of Cyclops hero is Star Power Lockdown – Planets Attack – Stardust Stock (3-2-1) .

So pals, those are several cyclops hero Guide, Build Item and several Tips and Trick for the Cyclops hero in Mobile Legends game that you can try. That’s really okay if you have another way to use the Cyclops hero. Hopefully, Cyclops Hero guide will give the benefit for you, Good luck and have a nice trying.



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