Harley Hero Guide

Hello, the mobile legends’ lovers! Are you looking for Harley hero guide in mobile legends? If it is so, just give your best attention! Well, at this time, there are nine heroes Mage that you can use in the match. Those heroes are Alice, Nana, Eudora, Gord, Kagura, Cyclops, Aurora, Vexana, and Harley. From those kinds of heroes, it will be only focused on Harley hero in mobile legends. Furthermore, in order to maximize the use of Harley when playing the Classic or Ranked Game, there will be Harley mobile legends guide. Let’s check it out in detail!

Two Kinds of Skill Harley Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

In relation to the kinds of skill Harley hero guide in mobile legends, you have to know that there are two kinds. Have you known about them? If you have not known it yet, just follow these kinds below!

Harley Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

1. Harley Passive Skill

The first kind of Harley skill is called Harley passive skill. It is also called as Magic Master. It will add magic damage when you attack using the basic attack. If he has seven items of Magic, so the damage will be deadly enough. Then, in this skill, there are two kinds. The first kind is trick poker and the second one is space escape. They will be shared in detail below.

a. Trick poker

When activating this kind, Harley will take out three or four or five poker cards in three different directions. It will like that three times regularly. Then, you need to know that each card will have 200/240/280/320/360/400 of magic damage. Even, it can increase attack speed Harley in five percent for five seconds. So, there will be the best build Harley mobile legend.

b. Space escape

How about this skill? Actually, this one allows Harley to teleport to a place and increases his hat. When activating the space escape again, he will come back to that place where the hat is. For additional information, it will increase the movement of his speed by 30 percent for two seconds.

2. Harley Ultimate Skill

Then, the second kind of Harley skill is named Harley ultimate skill. It is usually called as Deadly Magic. In order to answer and prove “is Harley good mobile legends”, you are suggested to follow the next explanation. In this kind, Harley will take out a ring to a hero and create high enough damage. When the ring is missing, the enemy will receive additional damage. Moreover, this kind will give 200/300/400 of magic damage and is going on 2.5 seconds. After the ring missing, so, it will give 100/150/200 of magic damage. And, it is added by 40 percent from the total of the enemy’s handphone that missing.

Tips to Guide Harley in Mobile Legends

There are two tips that you can use to guide Harley in mobile legends. Do you want to recognize them, guys? Here are they.

1. Using Space Escape Skill

Actually, Harley is one of the heroes Mage that has full force in Magic Damage. The basic skill of him has big enough damage for a Mage. If it is added with the item of Concentrated Energy, you will have the effect of big Life Steal. Then, by using this skill, it will help you to run away or chase the enemy.

2. Using Deadly Magic Skill

Before attacking with another skill, don’t forget to use this Deadly Magic one. Why should be like that? Yea, the effect of this kind will be bigger and bigger if the enemy’s blood is reduced. It happens when the ring is still around his body.

Well, those are the Harley hero guide in mobile legends that you can try. So, for the mobile legends’ lovers, just apply it nicely!