Aurora Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – The Silent Killer with 3 Skills

Many players underestimate the presence of Aurora hero because she rarely appears in the battle. However, she will be the best player when she comes out of the Land of Dawn. The Aurora hero guide in Mobile Legends state that she has a fantastic disable ability. As a Mage, Aurora is able to finish her enemies with her ultimate skill. Roughly, would you like to know more about the Queen of Ice of Aurora? The Aurora hero guide 2019 wants to inform about the skills, superiorities, and weakness. Besides that, it adds how to play Aurora properly.

Aurora Hero Guide in Mobile Legends: Superiorities, Weakness, and Skills

It sounds very sad when you must hear about the weakness of something you like. Nevertheless, you must hear it because it will help you to avoid or prevent something bad happens in your game. Usually, the players prefer to pay attention to the Aurora build item guide, Emblem, skill, and how to play. So, they forget about both aspects wherein they actually influence victory too. Due to this case, this page has gathered 5 points for the superiorities and the weakness as follow:

1. Superiorities

  • Aurora comes with 3 skills in which all of them are able to slow her enemies down.
  • Release high damage
  • When she plays with her passive skill, her presence is a precious asset.

2. Weakness

  • Unluckily, Aurora plays with wasteful energy in the early game.
  • The player must keep Aurora well because the enemies can attack her before she makes an action.

Luckily, there are only two weakness on Aurora but, absolutely, it quite a serious case. So, what you should do to play this female hero? Do not worry because she has 6 build items namely Enchanted Talisman and Arcane Boots. The rests are Fleeting Time, Ice Queen Wand, Blood Wings, and the Holy Crystal. Next, the hero Mobile Legend Guide: Aurora, asks you to talk about the skills. Here are 3 skills which will get detailed description:

1. Skill1

It is your main key to use Passive and doing poke to the enemies also the minions. You must save Aurora when you have 4 stacks and ready to frost the enemies.

2. Skill 2

This skill has big damage and it always on target but use it wisely. Only use the skill two to face and stop the agile movement enemies. Use the skill 1 along with the ultimate to kill them.

3. Skill 3

It turns out to be able to frost all enemies in one area directly. Alongside that, Aurora with skill 3 as well gives massive damage.

Additional suggests, maximize the skill 2 to play first to face more than one Assassins. This way is able to prevent their presence and deal big damage. For this case, do not forget to increase the ultimate in every 4 levels.

Tricks to Play Aurora Hero by Solo and Team

Finally, the time to play really comes and you not only get one trick to defeat your enemies. In the tutorial hero Aurora at this time, there are two methods to play solo and by the team. Both will appear one by one such as the following:

1. Solo Player

Here, you quite stack 4 ice units as the best way to fight alone. It will result in the magic damage and frost the enemy after in the fourth attack. The magic damage comes from the Frost Stock wherein it slows the enemy down at the same time. Apparently, you have to use skill 1 and continue with skill 2, afterward.

2. Team

Next, the tips are for you who play by a team. You must slow down the enemies using the ultimate skill first. Then, use skill 2 along with the ultimate skill too.

Numerous Roles from Aurora Hero Guide in Mobile Legends and Tips to use

Absolutely, Aurora has a lot of nicknames such as the nucker hero and support hero. Both are two of 6 roles that Aurora play. She still can be the ganker, burst damage, disabler, and crowd control. How to use those roles, well, Aurora hero guide 2019 will make clear for you below:

  • When you want to gank using disable, use the skill 1 but direct it to the enemy first. This way is effective to avoid the high missed.
  • In the lane area, you can start to harass all of your enemies using all skill. Nevertheless, suitable roles here are nucker and support heroes.
  • There are two combos which you can conduct when your bar is full. The first combo is to disable the opponent heroes using skill 2, ultimate skill, and the skill 2. Next, the second combo uses ultimate skills, skill 1, and then the skill 2.

So, that is the explanation of Aurora’s roles in this hero Mobile Legends guide. It attacks the forested hero will give bigger damage. Precisely, you only focus on one hero and using the first combo to kill them. Then, you can use the second combo when fighting in the midst of the opponent’s team. Later, the combo will be your crowd controller.

4 Abilities on Aurora Hero

Next, Aurora hero Mobile Legends continues to highlight 4 abilities that become her equipment too. Directly, there are 4 abilities in Aurora’s character:

1. Pride of Ice

Pride of Ice is her active ability or skill to frost her opponents but Aurora should collect 4 frost energy.

2. Frost Shock

The Frost Shock is the act of firing ice missile which will explode when regarding the enemy. With the skill, they will get magic basic damage and the slow effect. Alongside that, she will get the Frost Energy and the Damage becomes so painful. It occurs when you success to collect 4 bar of the Frost Energy.

3. Bitter Frost

Guide Mobile Legends of Aurora use the skill to exploit the ice for high damage in an area. Also, it gives a slow effect on the enemy. Same like Frost Shock, Aurora as well get the frost energy and giving more painful Damage in the same collection.

4. Coldness Destroy

The advantages that the Coldness Destroy gives to Aurora is the same as the previous skills. Actually, the effects such as the massive damage and the slow movement still dominate here. However, the way is quite different wherein this hero conducts with calling the giant ice rock. She calls it and drops to the target which Aurora choose. Apparently, not only the target getting the effect but also all units around.

At this time, the heaviest enemies in the war are Digger who is able to make useless her disable. This opponent hero can also return her to the skill 2, trap Aurora until unable to escape. Besides that, this hero must be careful toward the Charge heroes such as Hilda, Zilong, and more. They will kill you easily because you do not have any defense mechanism. Well, those are roles and abilities on Aurora hero guide in Mobile Legends. Use it wisely and avoid to meet Digger and the Charge heroes alone.

Well, those are two tricks to play by a team or solo. Due to the Aurora hero guide in Mobile Legends, you can play more than usual. Good luck!