Odette Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Knowing Her Superiorities

Odette Hero Guide

Odette is a unique hero that has a mage role. Her passive skill can give damage to the nearby enemy heroes with her basic attack after using any skill. She is also able to produce high burst damage in the wide area. So, if you like this hero, just learn Odette hero guide in Mobile Legends well and practice more. To master Odette Mobile Legends 2019, you should recognize her superiorities and get the right tips. In this matter, you can check them out on the explanation below.

Superiorities to Know from Odette Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Odette Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

To know her superiorities is one of the best keys to improve your gameplay using this hero. In this Odette hero guide in Mobile Legends, let’s see the strength she has.

1. Deadly Passive Skill

With the powerful passive skill, she can kill the enemies in a second. When she combines her passive skill and Mobile Legends Odette Ult, they can give very high burst damage to all enemies near her. So, you have to be in the right position to use this hero’s skills while playing.

2. Unpredictable Second Skill

Odette’s second skill is hard to predict. It can happen since the skill she releases will hit target and splash in certain areas. The enemy heroes that get a hit or splash effects will be stunned for a few seconds.

3. Great Crowd control Skills

Her skills have great crowd control effects on the enemies. The first will slow down the enemies’ movement, while the second one can stun enemies in a certain area.

Tips to Use Odette

To play with her appropriately, you need the right tips. Thus, your gameplay will be good during the match and can end the game with a victory. Here are the tips to do.

1. Use the right emblem

Since she is a mage, you are recommended using magical or mage emblem.

2. Bring the helpful spell

To play with Odette, you need a flicker or purify spell. A flicker will be useful to chase enemies or run away from them. While purify, it will be useful to release all crowd control effects from the enemies.

3. Poke the Enemies in the Early Game

In the early game, you can use this hero to poke or annoy the enemies. You can do it using her first and second skills.

4. Poke and Deal Damage in the Mid Game

In the mid-game, you can still try to poke the enemies from a long distance with first skill. Besides, you can tie them with the second skill to make the enemies stunned. When you see a number of enemies are grouped, you can use her ultimate skill to kill them simultaneously.

Best Build for Odette

If you need the right choices to build Odette, you can follow the explanation below.

1. Enchanted Talisman

This item will give additional magic power and cooldown reduction to her skills.

2. Arcane Boots

This item is useful for Odette to increase her movement speed. Besides, it will increase her magic penetration.

3. Glowing Wand

It will add the magic penetration and burn the target that is hit by her skills.

4. Calamity Reaper

This item will also add a cooldown reduction to her skills. It will add her mana as well. Moreover, the Calamity Reaper is useful to give additional true damage to Odette skills.

5. Concentrated Energy

To give an additional hit point and spell-vamp effect, this item is recommended to buy.

6. Blood Wings

The last item to buy is Blood Wings. It will give an additional 2 HP to each point of magic power she has. After having this item, Odette will be difficult to defeat.

To play a mage role in this game is interesting to do. One of the most unique mage heroes is Odette. If you want to play well and win the game with this hero, you can follow this Odette hero guide in Mobile Legends.