Hi Mobile Legends lovers! Do you wait for new Mobile Legends heroes 2020? If so, there is good news for you that there are several new heroes come this year. All of them will make more epic battles in the land of dawn. With new skills and special abilities, all of the new heroes will always be interesting to use. They will present a new battle experience for the players. Do you want to know the list of Mobile Legends new hero that comes this year? If you do, you can see the explanation below.

7 Kinds of New Mobile Legends Heroes 2020 to Know

In 2020, there are seven Mobile Legends new heroes with different roles that come for you. Do you want to know them? If the answer is “yes”, let’s check them out below.

1. Ling hero

New Mobile Legends Heroes 2020

First, the new hero that comes in 2020 you need to know is Ling. This hero has an assassin role. So, you can use him to make an instant kill to the enemy core hero such as marksman and mage. The great special ability of this hero is to be able to climb the wall. So, he can move from a certain spot to other spots quickly. This condition is effective to chase enemy heroes or run away from them.

2. Wanwan hero

New Mobile Legends Heroes 2020

Wanwan is a marksman that has high mobility on the battlefield. She also has a unique ability that she can move to the determined area after landing an attack on any enemy heroes. So, that is why many professional players often use this Mobile Legends new hero in the ranked mode or tournament.

With the ability to attack while moving, she can be the best destroyer to any enemies that come, even a tank. Another unique ability of this hero is she can remove Debuff or crowd control effect from enemies with her skill. So, this hero becomes one of the marksman that is difficult to catch since she has good skills to escape.

3. Lylia hero

Lylia is a little wizard that comes to the land of dawn. Her role is a mage. This new Mobile Legends heroes 2020 has a special ability to go back to her position a few seconds ago. It can happen when she uses her ultimate skill. After it happens, she will recover her hit points and deal higher damage to the enemy heroes through a series of painful explosion. So, this hero is suitable to attack more than one enemy that is grouped in a close area. She will be useful to use in the team fight. So, make sure your team has one or two heroes with an ability to make massive control of the enemy heroes. Thus, you can cast her skill easily to the determined target.

4. X.Borg hero

New Mobile Legends Heroes 2020

X.Borg becomes one of the most favorite heroes to use in the ranked mode and a tournament. It can happen since this new Mobile Legends heroes 2020 is a fighter with complete skills. He is famous as the teenager that always burns everything with the Firaga Armor he has. The special abilities of him are poking enemies with his first skill and controlling enemies with his second skill. Then, he has a great special ability to deal high damage with his ultimate skill. Seen from his skills, he can be a hero that is difficult to beat on the battlefield.

5. Masha hero

Masha is a fighter that has everything to bring to the land of dawn. She can run her role of charge and become the damage dealer to the team. Then, this new Mobile Legends heroes 2020 is completed with good durability and damage. So, this hero will be frightening from the early game. If you like to play alone in a single lane, this hero is suitable for you. She will be strong in the lane even though she should figure out more than one hero in her lane.

6. Baxia hero

New Mobile Legends Heroes 2020

Do you need a mobile tank to initiate war or just to open a map? If so, Baxia is the best solution for you. His first skill can make him move quickly from one lane to another. It can happen since the first skill of Baxia can make him roll around and move quickly. Besides, he can use it to jump around and also stun enemies when he can hit the target. So, he will be the right hero to initiate an attack. Then, this Mobile Legends new hero is good to make a crowd control to the enemies.

His ability to stun enemies is beneficial to make the damage dealer in your team slain the stunned ones. Besides being able to make a crowd control, he has a passive skill that can decrease any health regeneration by up to 50%. That is why this tank is useful to counter some heroes with great life regeneration or life steal.

7. Silvanna hero

New Mobile Legends Heroes 2020

Silvanna is one of the new Mobile Legends heroes 2020 that you can choose for playing a ranked mode. It is a good fighter that is not so difficult to play. Her skills are very suitable to make a crowd control of the enemies. She can stun the enemies with her first skill and deal damage and generate a shield with her second skill. Then, she has a skill that can make a solo kill to the core heroes from enemies. Yes, it is her ultimate skill.

With it, Silvanna can make a Circle of Light and prevent the enemy from escaping for a certain time. This is a good time for her to make an instant kill to the core heroes or damage dealers from enemies. She can do it easily since the core heroes basically have a little blood or hit points.

Well, that is all about the new Mobile Legends heroes 2020 to share with you. Learn it well to get more understanding of their roles and special abilities.