Masha hero Guide in Mobile Legends – The Strengths and Weakness

What do you want to know from Masha hero guide today? This page just wants to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and tips to use this female hero fighter. Indeed, it belongs to the new hero in Mobile Legends because it released in September, last year. By the way, the information that you will know later on is very useful as good consideration things. So, you do not feel guilty or miscast when purchasing this hero. Well, let’s go on detailed Masha hero Mobile Legends!

Masha Hero Guide outlines the Advantages and Disadvantages


Allow Masha hero guide helping to decide to buy this female hero fighter that has a lot of strengths. It is such as:

1. Amazing Meta

Masha becomes one of the extraordinary metas because of great physical endurance. Awesome HP regeneration from 3-layer HP is the reason to be one of the best metas.

2. Masha movement skill

Secondly, it is famous for the huge movement speed so it looks like an infinite Battle Spell. Indeed, the movement speeds up to 40% that does not have cooling down make Masha easily chase or escape.

3. It can restore the HP quickly and soon

Turn back to the HP with three bar layers has an extra skill to fill it. Masha hero Mobile Legends must do it to walk out from the fighting when she wants to fill the HP.

4. Best thank destroyer hero

On the other hand, Masha is well-known as the best tank destroyer hero in Mobile Legends. Her skill that can increase damage make Esmeralda and ultra-beefy Uranus must quit in front of Masha

5. It also famous as the Lord and Turtle Killer

Masha is the killer where she can kill Turtle and the Lord easily plus quickly. Quite 15 minutes to kill Lord solo.

6. Influence and destroy Turret

Lastly, Masha is the best influencer in affecting Turret before destroying it quickly. It can destroy it since the early game only in 3 minutes.

Those are six strengths based on the Masha hero guide on this page. You might feel sure to purchase it but wait for a while. You should know the weakness of this hero consisting of 4 points:

  • Masha just has small/ short AoE skill

Behind the strengths, the AoE skill of Masha is not long or short. It makes it difficult to chase and attack the enemies.

  • She is a useless thank hero

It sounds unbelievable when Masha belongs to the useless tank hero if you see the advantages. Unluckily, it is true because of the short AoE skill and not stands toward the income damage.

  • Just block one damage

Masha’s hero guide also mentions that she just makes passive block damage. She does not immune to the damage, crowd, and useless against high DPS hero.

  • It is weak toward a crowd control

Lastly, Masha is weak toward crowd control skill although she has a big movement.

5 Tips to know as additional information to decide to buy or not buying Masha Hero

Once more, hold your emotions to decide to purchase or choose other heroes. 5 tips below can restore your trust to keep choosing Masha hero Mobile Legends as your hero fighter, later on:

  1. Utilize a Life Recovery to restore your HP after Masha kills her targets.
  2. Masha can use Sill as the only way to restore the HP bar without leveling up the skill.
  3. The skill core of Masha comes from Lifesteal ability and Attack Speed that makes her invincible. Even, her passive Ancient Strength more than compensates the loss.
  4. The great advantage when fighting the opponents is the ability to disarm the target. Then, inflict a slowdown debuff to launch a retaliation or offensive.
  5. Masha can use her burst skill to launch a fight and approach the enemy quickly until inflicted the great damage.

At the end of the discussion, try to ignore the weaknesses and just rely on the strengths. Feel free to buy Masha. Thank you for following the Masha hero guide!