Ling Hero Guide on Mobile Legends – The Best Assassin for You

Who is the unique and stealthy hero that can leap from wall to wall in the land of dawn? Yes, he is Ling. With this ability, he can make a mobile movement and get an easy way to roam to another lane. If you want to master him, Ling hero guide is the right reference you should learn. You need to practice play using him to recognize his skills well. Besides mastering his skills, to use the right items is also important to support Ling’s ability. So, in this guide of hero Ling on Mobile Legend, you can learn how to use Ling’s skills and the best build for him.

Ling Hero Guide on Mobile Legends

Before you use this hero in the land of dawn, it will be better for you to master his skills. With it, you can use his skills accurately and beat every enemy hero in front of you. So, let’s check the tips on how to play Ling Mobile Legends.

1. 1st skill

The first skill can make Ling reap from one wall to other walls instantly. This condition is good for him to chase enemies that try to run or help Ling run away from enemies. So, what should you do to make you master using this skill perfectly? Yes, the answer is to practice, practice, and practice.

Practices make perfect. So, with a lot of practice, you will be more familiar with the location of all walls in the land of dawn. When it happens, you can make a quick movement during the game with this hero.

2. 2nd skill

The second skill of Ling hero mobile legend guide is the main ability to deal damage. This skill can be cast to the designed location. When it hits enemies, it will give damage them significantly. To make this skill give extra damage, you can buy the right items when the battlefield is running. For additional information, you can use this skill while Ling is on the wall. It will slow any enemies that are hit by him.

3. Ultimate skill

This skill has a high impact to make an instant kill to the enemy hero or win a war in the team fight. Well, this skill will make Ling invincible for a short time after you cast this skill. It is good to help ling safe from deadly attacks from enemies.

Then, after a short time, it is cast, it will make the enemies inside the circle area of this skill be knocked up. In this area, there will come four swords that can reset ling’s second skill after he takes one of those swords. It is a good time for you to use Ling to kill the knocked up enemies using all of those swords.

The Best Items for Hero Ling Mobile Legend

As you know, Ling has a role as a deadly assassin. To support his skills to deal higher damage to the enemy, you should buy some proper items for him. So, here are the items that will be suitable for Ling.

1. Raptor Machete

With this item, Ling can farm faster to increase his level and get more gold. So, make sure you buy this item in the early game when you play with Ling.

2. Magic Shoes

The second item you should buy according to Ling hero guide is Magic Shoes. This item will increase Ling’s movement speed and reduce his skills’ cooldown.

3. Berserker’s Fury

This item will enhance Ling’s attack and increase his critical damage. This item is suitable for him to always get a critical chance while dealing damage to the enemies.

4. Endless Battle

This item let Ling get a bonus damage buff when he makes the next attack after you cast his skills.

5. Blade of Despair

This is an item that must be bought by every assassin. It can increase his attack very high when he has had this item.

6. Survivable items

Last, you can buy the survivable items that can prevent this hero from getting high damage form enemies. There are 3 survivable items you can choose. They are Haas’s Claws, Rose Gold Meteor, or Immortality.

Well, that is all about the Ling hero guide to share with you. Hopefully, you will get a faster and easier way to master this hero after learning this guide.