Silvanna Hero Guide Mobile Legends to using the Items and win the Game

Hi, gamers! Have you collected all-new heroes that have released last year? If you want to get a new one from them, this page recommends Silvanna. Silvanna hero guide inflicts with some pros, cons, tips, and so on. If you have played or are playing it come here and deepen your knowledge. You must know many things about this Mobile Legends‘ hero. This page has a secret to getting it free without buying. The guide Silvanna hero will leak it to spoil you, gamers!

Silvanna Hero Guide Tips to use the Build Items

Silvanna’s hero guide today jumps on the build item tips to use it. There are six plus one situational item to use, later on. Firstly, Silvanna has the item of Feather of Heaven that works as her core item. Holy Crystal will burst damage, Immortality can prolog survivability, and Demon Shoes can sustain the mana. Get a magical lifestyle through Concentrated Energy and get the defense purpose from queen’s Wings. Meanwhile, the situation item is Divine Glaive deals more damage to the magic item resistant heroes.

Pertain to the build item tips you should follow 5 points on guide Silvanna hero such as below:

  1. Silvanna is the hero fighter that has magic attributes so she is almost the same as Guinevere.
  2. The default build is the first line build that matches for all circumstances.
  3. All people want to farm faster and play aggressively. Just use the second line build to realize it easily.
  4. Retribution eases ti level up as the battle spell. On the other hand, you may use FLicker to play it safer.
  5. Use Mage emblem for Silvanna hero!

How to have Silvanna hero freely and the Pros and Cons

It seems late to inform on the Silvanna hero guide of free buying (getting). Seemly, it applies before December 31, 2019, but do not worry and try to wait for the next chance. Last year, free Silvanna require the gamers to have a Silvanna Exchange Card and active to use it. Roughly, what are the pros and cons of this hero fighter (Silvanna)? Look at below for the pros or advantages:

  • Silvanna relies on two skills of Cometic Lance and Spiral Strangling. Even though, the hero adds the ultimate skill of Imperial Justice and the passive of Knightess Resolve.
  • Silvanna is well-known as extremely strong in the early games because of skill 2. On the guide Silvanna hero, the skill is AOE magic damage that is painful enough. Take this chance to play more aggressively and dominate the game from the earlier.
  • The scoop skill or skill 3 is perfect and matches to collaborate with the ultimate skill. The collaboration will scope the enemy hero off guard, jump attack, and imprison without unable to escape.
  • It has good Movement Skill from skill 1 that is suitable for catching up on the opponent. Feel free to use the skill 1 to escape from your enemy gang.

Next, Silvanna hero guide outlines 3 disadvantages or cons of this hero fighter:

1. Silvanna tend being vulnerable after entering the late game

It is because Silvanna prefers to rely on the skills, not the basic attacks. That is why she changes to weak in the end although it looks so OP in the early game. Silvanna’s hero is also difficult to win lifesteal because the attribute is magic.

2. Silvanna does not appropriate to against many heroes

Truthfully, it is just less effective when fighting with many opponents at once. Seemly, Silvanna’s skills that just aim in one direction is the cause.

3. Easy to die and soft enough

Lastly, SIlvanna is soft and easy to die if must attack at close range. Silvanna must escape from the enemy or look for her friends’ help to backup. A more extreme way to overcome applies the lifesteal to fight back and survive from the ultimate effect.

Just say thank you for your loyalty to follow Silvanna hero guide of the day! Always remember the tips and everything here during playing this hero fighter. Have a nice play!