X.Borg Hero Guide Mobile Legends 2020 to play as a True Fighter

Have you acquainted with the new hero in Mobile Legend X. Borg? X.Borg hero guide has been waiting for you to try this fighter that has released since August 2019. By the way, it relies on three emblems like “Attack& Defense”, “Festival of Blood (Fighter)”, and “High& Dry Assasin”. Alongside that, you can play this hero with “Tank Emblem”. What are the functions of those tier 3talent emblems? Master all about guide X.Borg hero fighter here to play perfectly and always win the game. Let’s check this out!

X.Borg Hero Guide Mobile Legends

You will play this newest Mobile Legends Hero by relying on those tier 3 talent emblems plus one bonus. Besides that, it gets two kinds of recommended battle spells are Flicker and Sprint. The first spell (Flicker) help X.Borg hero to survive during the war or the game. X.Borg’s hero guide clarifies that the spell eases to use the ultimate skill. Meanwhile, the battle spell Sprint is useful to escape from the ganking enemy attack and the opposite.

So, how to play X.Borg hero using the emblems and the battle spells? The most important thing is you will pass three levels like early, mid, and late games. Well, let’s outline guide X.Borg hero below to use this fighter Mobile Legend hero:

• Early game

Undertake solo buffs immediately and take it as one of your advantages later on. This way is beneficial because the solo buffs can make this hero stronger to maintain the solo lane at this level. Besides that, it eases to reach level four and the core to join the team war.

• Mid game

Go on the mid-game, this hero fighter keeps maintain the lane and get new duty. Utilize the time properly to roam because X.Borg’s hero is an offliner. Then, it also must decide to join the team and take part inside. On the other hand, you have a choice to conduct a push turret.

• Late game

At the end of the game, use the greatest skill of X.Borg hero of a combo. The greatest skill will emerge damage that can kill three heroes at glance. Nonetheless, X.Borg’s hero guide also adds that this fighter hero still needs backups. The backups help to look at the team and dash to the opponent.

Build, Pros, and Cons of X.Borg Hero Fighter

The guide X.Borg hero today informs on the build to play it in the Mobile Legends. This newest hero has some builds like hunter strike, bloodlust ax, Athena’s shield, and queen wings. Even, you can utilize the builds of Blade of despair and warrior boots normally. So, what are the pros and cons of X.Borg’s hero? Okay, this passage will focus on the advantages or pros:

  • The last ultimate (franco) help you to get your opponent’s ultimate although you lose your armor. You get all ultimate because they throw it after producing sulfur.
  • It allows changing builds and making other blade armors as the substitute. It turns out X.Borg’s hero does not need more damage items because his character is a support fighter.
    Meanwhile, the weakness or cons of this Mobile Legends’ hero are:
  • X.Borg hero has a weak armor toward the magical heroes. This hero is easy to kill and vulnerable only in one or two seconds.
  • If you do not close with the batteries you will weak him. Keep far away from the battery make the armor is longer to recover.

What do you think about X.Borg’s hero guide of the day? You have known how to play, the builds, emblems, spell, and so on. Play and beat your enemy as well as possible. Utilize the pros (benefits) to defeat the weakness. Good luck!