Best Travel Apps in Europe to Download by Travelers


Do you want to go to Europe? Then, you must prepare for all the things needed for your journey. Anyway, if it is the first time for you to travel to Europe, you might need to download a travel application to guide you. There are several best travel apps in Europe you might want to download with your smartphone whether it is iPhone or Android. These applications are useful to track your travel, to save time and money. Today, we are going to discuss the best Europe trip planner app used for travelers to have a cheap trip. Are you interested? Then, let’s read more about it for further info below!

Some Good Travel Apps for Europe for You

There are some best travel apps in Europe that you might need and want to use the most. What are they? Let’s take a look at it in the following details below!

1. TripCase

Best Travel Apps in Europe

TripCase may be the top, best travel apps for Europe ever. This application allows you to organize all of your plans and details for the trip including booking your hotel or flights, renting a car, etc. You can do all of them in one handy process with TripCase.

Let you update information about your flight whether or not it has delays or schedule changes. Having a TripCase might also allow accessing the direction to your hotel. Or, if you want, you might book a taxi or Uber from this application. Of course, to use this app, you might need to sign up with your phone numbers.

2. Cabify

Best Travel Apps in Europe

Do you contact your friends before you go on a trip to Europe? Then, you might use Cabify. Why should you download this app while you could directly call your friends or text them you have already arrived in Europe? Well, Cabify sure is a helpful application that is popular and used by many people.

By downloading this one of the best travel planning apps in Europe, you could send maps or your current location to your friends. You, then, will not wait for your friends to come to pick you up for a long time. For the additional features, Cabify might allow you to identify and play music. It might also inform you about climate change.

3. Omio

Best Travel Apps in Europe

Omio that is much known as GoEuro by people might be useful for travelers. The app might be the best application to compare and book a flight, train or bus tickets to any destination in Europe. If you are a backpacker, you might need to save much, right? Then, why won’t you try using Omio?

This app might help you to get a cheaper ticket than the one offered by the station ticket office. Anyone, once you have purchased the ticket from this app, you might get your travel destination route on your phone. Finally, Omio matches well for both iPhone and Android.

4. Culture Trip

Best Travel Apps in Europe

Once you have arrived in Europe, you must want to visit some interesting places, right? Thus, of course, since it is the first time for you to travel there, you do not have any idea about it. Culture Trip, one of the best travel apps in Europe, might be the best solution for you.

This app is pretty similar to Tripadvisor. It gives you top recommendations for some destination’s attractions and restaurants along with the information and details of history, music, or even art. This app connects to other social media apps such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram. Let’s start your journey and share your story with Culture Trip!

5. Flixbus

The train might be the best way to get to your destination fast. Moreover, this vehicle prices cheap but comfortable seating. Thus, not all of the destinations are served by rails. Therefore, you should use other vehicles such as taxi or bus. A taxi might be very expensive so that a bus might be the best solution for you.

Let you download the best travel apps in Europe, Flixbus, to book your bus. For your additional information, all the busses connected to Flixbus offer free Wi-Fi access. Plus, there are many snacks and drinks offered. You might buy them whenever you feel hungry.

6. BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is one of the best travel apps in Europe that offer you a car-pooling vehicle platform for short or long travel destination. This app might save the cost of your transport; it might even be cheaper than booking a train or a bus. Plus, you might find other travelers in the same car and befriend them. With the empty seats with BlaBlaCar now!

7. TheFork

Best Travel Apps in Europe

Are you feeling tired of walking for the whole day? are you hungry and thirsty? Then, you need to find a nearby restaurant. But, what if it is pricey? Use TheFork to scan all the restaurants nearby so that you can read some restaurant’s reviews, photos, menu, price, or even the direction! TheFork, the best travel apps in Europe, might allow you to book the restaurant with free charge. Sooner, you will get your booking confirmations. What makes it helpful is that this app sometimes offers discounts up to 50 percent.

8. Citymapper

Are you lost in the middle of the way to your destination in Europe? Then, let you use this kind of best travel apps in Europe, Citymapper. This app offers you public transit maps for subways, buses, and trams with transit status updates and real-time schedules. By reading Citymapper, you can also get information on which exit to take.

9. Google Translate

Best Travel Apps in Europe

Do you want to learn and understand what European talk about? Then, let you make use of Google Translate. This app provides more than 103 languages to translate. It might even support photos’ translate, handwriting, conversation, and voice audio translation. Of course, you need to be online first to use this application.

There are still many kinds of the best travel apps in Europe which have not been written. it is more than 25. Yet, those 9 applications might be useful and offer you complete features for your traveling destination.