5 Important Items for Mage Hero in Mobile Legends

The Mage Hero or we called it the witch is a hero that having the high damage. The effect of this heroes attack is really pained until making the Mage Hero being the mainstay of the team. This hero is really scared of the enemy because of his skill that having the attack from far direction. Fortunately, this mage hero is including the hero with the weak hero that really easy to die if get the attack. Besides that, the physical attack doesn’t work well then the hero with this type really need the additional item. So that, I will tell you about the several important items for mage hero that you need to buy in Mobile Legends.

5 Important Items for Mage Hero in Mobile Legends

1. Clock of Destiny

The Clock of Destiny is an item that really could benefit for the Mage Hero like a Eudora or the others. This item will make the mage attacks more deadly with the 60 magic power addition. The Clock of Destiny also adds 600 manas till the skill can be easier to be issued. Besides that, this item can also make the mage hero durability stronger by giving the Health Point addition for about 615.

2. The Arcane Boots

Combining the Arcane Boots with the mage skill like a Space Escape which owned by Harley. It will be the perfect combination to escape and chase the enemy. The Movement Speed addition for about 40 points will speed up the hero movement. Besides that, the Arcane Boots item also add the 25 magic damage reduction which is really benefits for the damage that produced by the Mage Hero.

3. The Fleeting Time

The next item of important items for mage hero is the fleeting time. The fleeting time will give a lot of advantages for the Mage Hero. This fleeting time item add the magic power for about 70 points complete with 15 mana regen and the 10% cooldown reduction. For the Mage Hero like a Zhask, you really need this item because of the Zhask cooldown skill was so long. And do not doubt about the attack if add this item.

4. The Flame of Fury

The flame of Fury is a right item for the all Mage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The flame of fury item will add the 75 magic power and the 25 magic damage reduction. It could make the attack that you spread out will give the painful damage. Besides that, the flame of fury item also give the 5% movement speed to speed up your Mage Hero movement.

5. The Frost

This is the last item of important items for Mage hero that you forbid to be missed when you use the mage in Mobile Legends game. The Frost item will give the 75 magic power and the 15 mana regen. To speed up the movement, this item will be adds the movement speed for about 7%. And that, the Frost item will give the slow effect for the enemy and it would make you easier to kill the enemy.

So guys, those the 5 important items for Mage Hero in Mobile Legends game. The function of those items above is added and optimize the skill that’s available on the Mage Hero that you use. Hoping it would give a lot of benefits for you.

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