Khufra Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Tanker Hero’s From The Desert

Khufra Hero Guide

Khufra hero guide in Mobile Legends today wants to review the features, weakness, and tips to play. By the way, he helps Faramis the Black Mage to kidnap and fight the enemies at an advanced level. Khufra has many mainstay skills such as Tyrant’s Revenge, Bouncing Ball, Tyrant’s Rage, and the Spell Cruse. Besides that, it has 6 build items such as the Wizard Boots, Cursed Helmet, Blade Armor, and Immortality. There are also Athena’s Shield and Sky Guardian helmet. The guide Khufra Mobile Legends still have some emblems and spells. Let’s see it!

Khufra Hero Guide in Mobile Legends: Features and Weakness

Talking about the emblem Khufra, it relies on the Custom Tank and Custom Support. However, the player should use the Custom Tank first to get the best self-defense. Meanwhile, the spells are Flicker and Agies wherein you must use the first option to start the war. All this time, not many sources review the features and the weakness of Khufra. Instead, it belongs to the important information to reach a victory easily. Knowing both aspects such as below will reduce your carelessness in fighting the opponent heroes:


1. Khufra is extremely thick and high. It refers to magic defense and the physical damage which this hero own. The magic self-defense makes you able to hold the physical attack from the opponent hero.

2. The next feature states that Khufra is suitable to start a war or ganking even it is able to fight 5 vs 5.

3. Has numerous Crowd Controls because of the skills so that this character can fight properly.


1. Unluckily, almost all of the skills need a long time to cool down so that it becomes not overpower.

2. Apparently, the timing is not accurate wherein this aspect influence the role in the team fight.

3. Besides that, the small damage in the skills makes Khufra difficult to be a damage dealer.

Trick to Play from the Early Games to the Late Game

Khufra Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Okay, its time for the Mobile Legends hero guide-Khufra to show some tricks to play this character. Directly, here what to do:

Early Game

Every player must pass the early game anything the hero is. Here, Khufra must accompany bot lane or the mid lane to take the buff. Precisely, your character has had skill 1 and skill to so that you can roam. For you information that the designer creates Khufra with the passive skill to make his opponents defeat from the earlier. This case is as well suitable to harras or repays your opponent’s cellphone.

Mid Game

Furthermore, you are going to enter the mid game. In this area, you must enter along with your Wizard Boots. Yeah, you at least have it as your weapon. Next, see your map to get the place for roaming. If you see your teammates are needing an aid, back up them immediately.

Late Game

Finally, you can pass two levels prior and surely you will enter to the late game soon. Here, you must brave to initiate the game and crash to the opponents easily. It turns out the skills which Khufra own to make this hero is able to fight turrent. Nonetheless, you have to prepare one or some support hero to back up him. Well, you must understand why Khufra needs it. The small damage on Khufra skill guide is the reason.

In Mobile Legends, Khufra will fight Karries, Lancelot, Guinevere, Chou, Diggie, and Aurora. However, he also has teammates such as Leomord, Lunox, and Harith. Definitely, they will back up your game. So, those are some information from Khufra Hero Guide in Mobile Legends. Although this page tells that it only focuses on some points, it gives additional insight. Indeed, the additional information such as the skills, build item, emblem, and spell only appear at glance. Nonetheless, It is enough to know the greatness of Khufra.