Terizla Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Just Born to Kill Like a Monster

Terizla hero guide

Mobile Legends had just released a new hero always bringing a big hammer in the war. He is Terizla who born on June 4, 2019, with the superiority on his skills. According to Terizla hero guide in Mobile Legends, he always successes to bother his hero opponents. Truthfully, this hero is not a fighter but a great weapon maker. He is able to fight because he has a grudge to the Light Empire who sent him to the jail. Well, do you attract to know more about his story? Follow this guide Terizla Mobile Legends!

Terizla Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Move Slowly but Sure

At this time, people claim that Terizla is a dangerous fighter and he can be good meta in this game. Terizla is able to kill his enemies although his movement is slow. In Mobile Legends, this hero capable to counter Bruno, Chou, and Harley. Here, invite you to reveal the gears and skills. Nevertheless, the new hero Terizla complete guide wants to inform about the advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Terizla has a strong immune such as Tank hero.
  2. He bothers his enemies with AoE skill.
  3. Terizla as well as a big Damage Burst.
  4. Late game is the best time because he always dominates the game.


1. Terizla needs a long time to attack the hero opponent so that many enemies success to escape.

2. Besides the slow attack, this hero is difficult to lock the enemy.

3. Terizla does not suitable to fight the Marksman heroes because he is weak for them.

Here are 6 Items to build Terizla Mobile Legends to play on the skills. Let’s see it:

1. Rapid Boots

This gear is useful to chase the opponent in the early game. You can change his boots with the Warrior Boots wherein it makes him stronger to survive.

2. Bloodlust Axe

It appears to survive and increase Damage by giving an additional HP when he releases the skills to the enemy.

3. Endless Battle

Endless Battle is the core item of Terizla which can give a passive effect in the form of True Damage. This effect may emerge 3 times only in one skill utility.

4. Blade of Despair

Meanwhile, it includes the Ultimate item with an extremely big physical damage addition. Apparently, it is able to change Terizla resembles like a monster.

5. Blade of Heptaseas

The Blade of Heptaseas optimizes the utility of skill 2 with becoming the source of damage. In skill 2, the item reduces the opponent’s physical defense until 25 points.

6. Immortality

It comes as the second should and help him to survive in his team fight.

Tips and How to Play Terizla

Terizla Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

There is a magic resistance making Terizla stronger to fight his hero mage opponent. Precisely, he also uses Custome Fighter emblem has a big physical defense and damage. Besides emblem and item, there are two spells that are Sprint and Flicker. How about the skills. Alongside understanding the build Terizla Mobile Legends, you should know 4 skills that he uses:

  • Passive Skill (Body of Smith)
  • Skill1 (Revenge Strike)
  • Skill2 (Execution Strike)
  • Skill 3 (Penalty Zone)

Before discussing how to Play Terizla in the early until late game, here is some advice. Firstly, you have to be careful to predict his opponents’ movement and calculate the area. Use the Crowd Control effect from his teammates to ease the fight. Lastly, trap the enemy to Terizla skill area so that they will be difficult to fight. Okay, it is time to play and here are tips to play Terizla:

Early game

Such as you read above, Terizla plays well in the early game with his skill 2. Use this change to bother the opponents and harass their HP. In this area, you can control the solo lane on the bottom or top lane. Remember to always see the condition and map also roam if you need to do.

Mid game

Bring Endless Battle and Bloodlust Axe to back up your team and initiate the war. However, use the ultimate skill first to conduct ganking combo.

Late game

Here, this hero just focuses to keep the lane and help his team to get or steal the Lord. Keep initiating the war although Terizla is in the Lord area because his skill has big damage and AoE. Additionally, use Ficker or Sprint to initiate the war to the Marksman or Mid Laner.

Well, those are the complete tips and information on the new hero in Mobile Legends. Mastering Terizla hero guide in Mobile Legends here carries you to the real victory quickly.