Lesley Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – 4 Best Tips to Use Lesley Hero

Hello, Millenials! Which video games you play, recently? Since several years ago, there are numerous video games that you can play. One of them is Mobile Legends which as a lot of heroes. Today, this page wants to review Lesley hero guide in Mobile Legends. It will present complete information from who this hero is, features, weakness, until the guide. Definitely, this page will satisfy your desire to know this game. By mastering Lesley hero guide in Mobile Legends 2019, you will play great and defeat your enemy easily. Whoever you are, enjoy it!

Lesley Hero Guide in Mobile Legends: Who is she?

As a good player, you should know this one hero. Lesley is a pretty marksman which has an excellent skill to shoot. Therefore, the players call it as the accurate sniper so that they make her as their favorite character. Besides that skill, Lesley is able to shoot her opponent from a very far distance or range. She is also able to survive and greats for finishing. You can get the hero sniper launching in 2018 using 599 diamonds or 32.000 battle points. Lesley has two skins

as her weapons namely Sniper and Royal Musketeer.

Lesley has a role as the Marksman or Assassin with a Reap/Burstman. Due to her role, she becomes a deadly attack who becomes a carry to bring her team to win. Surely, those are just a little bit of advantages from her. You might do not know yet or never realize that she still saves a lot of advantages. Through the guide Lesley Mobile Legends here, you will get that information wherein it is important for you. Without much ado, let’s see how many advantages of Lesley:

1. Far Attack Range

Yeah, you had read it above but you do not who Lesley does it. She plays a pull out the strategy to lock her target using an ultimate snipe.

2. High Damage Burst

Lesley is able to kill her enemy including her tank heroes that have a thick defense. She does it with some additional shots from her passive skill and the right build items.

3. Very Agile

She can move very agile because Lesley has a skill 1and the ability to survive coming from this skill too. Lesley can as well roam properly and enter using a stealth mode. Apparently, this mode makes her opponents cannot attack using basic attack and target lock skill.

4. Excellent Pusher Hero

Her passive skill is until turret out of reach and the damage is extremely painful. Both great for push tower and attack using hit & run tactics.

5. Lesley uses an Energy System

Lesley uses an energy system and gets additional energy each time she attacks using a basic attack. The ultimate skill does not need energy and skill 3 as well adds energy.
Here, the guide on how to use a Lesley notes 5 advantages from this hero. It turns out it records 4 weaknesses from her too:

  • She plays weak in the early game

Lesley damage and attack range are very small in the phase early game so that she needs to focus. It happens because the designer designs with one shot one kill a character.

  • Rely on the item very much

Build item determines the damage output very much so that it needs the right gear to optimize its potential.

  • Lesley does not mass burst damage

Lesley is only able to attack a single target and it needs a long time to clean the minion.

  • To short range for the Skill 2

This skill is quite difficult to shot the fast-moving target wherein Lesley must do it very close.

Tips to Play Lesley Hero in Mobile Legends

Due to the advantages and the weaknesses above, you must play with a strategy or tips. Well, Lesley hero guide today will explain some tips for you as below:

1. Attack from the unseen place, for instance, through a bush.

2. Save the usage of the energy in the early game with selling Nimble Blade item. You can get it from the buff that you take using battle spell Retribution.

3. Next, do 1 vs 1 using basic attack and activate skill 2 when your enemy comes closer. This trick is useful to escape and finding a hidden place through the skill1

4. Use the Ultimate skill when you are in a safe position and in a bush.

Absolutely, there are still a lot of things needing to discuss but the time is up, unfortunately. Okay, wait for the next arrival to finish the discussion of Lesley hero guide in Mobile Legends. See you!