How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Without Computer and With Computer

Root Samsung Galaxy S7, Root android

Before doing something we should to know about the knowledge itself right? It similar like this app. Before Info New Technologies already shared Root Samsung galaxy S5 and Samsung galaxy S6 and now I will share How root Samsung galaxy S7, we have to know what is root Android. Well, root Android is one of the way to make our phone are kept away from all the unlimited settings then it would make many features are not running well, especially for the Custom ROM. So that, it was the basic reason why most of people want to root their Android phone. Let me remind you, one of disadvantage thing that would happen to your phone is the main guarantee from your Android phone will be lost. So please think it again before you root your phone.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Without Computer and With Computer

Root Samsung Galaxy S7, Root android

I will give you how to root Samsung galaxy S7 with 2 ways. For the first is by using Personal Computer (PC) and for the second is by using your own phone (it means without any Personal Computer). Check explanations below:

1. Root Android Phone With PC or Personal Computer

The rooting process on your Android phone will be helped by the Personal Computer (PC) and you must to connect your phone to the computer through the USB cable.

2. Root Android Phone Without PC or Personal Computer

The rooting process will directly on your phone without any help from the Personal Computer (PC). You must to have the root Android app which is support your own Android phone. Why am I suggest you to have the root app for your own Android? Because every phone has their own capacity with different root app.

Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Without PC or Personal Computer

I’m strongly believe that you must be chosen the second way from that option right? That we just use our own phone, Because it was so simple and easier. Remember what I have suggested you, choose the application that really suits on your phone, because every phone has their own capacity to root the Android smartphone. We can see based on the title, here I’m gonna show you the root application that proven work for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Android smartphone. Here are the Lists:

  1. KingRoot App.
  2. FramaRoot App.
  3. KingoRoot App.
  4. 360 Root App.

So those are root app that proved work for the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone without using any Personal Computer (PC).

Root Samsung Galaxy S7 With PC or Personal Computer

And this is the turn for the root application by using the Personal Computer (PC) for rooting the Samsung Galaxy S7. Here are all of steps to Root Android phone With Computer especially How to root Samsung galaxy S7, check it below :

1. Before we begin, make sure that you has been downloaded the CF Auto Root Android app for the Samsung Galaxy S7. On the CF Auto Root there are available kind of root files that only written the types. So that, you have to download the type based on the Samsung Galaxy S7 type. For the example, SM-1520L which is for the Samsung Galaxy A5 Android phone.

2. After it has been downloaded based on the Samsung Galaxy S7 types, then extract the zip files.

3. Open the result of the extracted file and then run the Odin.exe programme.

4. On the first display of the Odin programme, checklist on the Auto Reboot and the F.Reset Time, then click on the AP/PDA. Try to search and enter the .tar.md5 file that you just downloaded.

Next step of root samsung galaxy S7

5. Set and activate the USB Debugging on your Android phone. Make sure that your Android phone could install the application or the apk file outside the play store.

6. Then turn off the Android phone and then try to open the Mode Download by press and hold the Volume down + Home + Power at the same time until the samsung logo appear then hold off. Then press the Volume Up to go to the Mode Download display.

7. Connect your Android phone to the Personal Computer (PC) by using the USB cable. Make sure when the phone had connected , the driver will install automatically and if it not, just install the USB driver for Samsung first.

8. Look at the odin programme display in ID:COM part. If the color is blue and appears the added!! Text on the below, then click the Start.

9. The root process will be signed when your Android phone restart by itself and appear the passord with a green color on the Odin programme.

10. After that, you can plug off the USB cable and try to check the application menu. If there is the SuperSU app, open that application and you will be asked to Update Binary, just choose continue.

11. And for the last step, check the root condition by using the root checker app.

Those are the steps, tips, and trick for root Samsung Galaxy S7 even using the Personal Computer (PC) or without any PC. Might be it would give a lot of benefits for you the readers. Thanks for reading my blog and please share this article. Have a nice trying and goodluck!


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