Risks And Disadvantages of Rooting Android That You Have to Know

Root is something that familiar around the Android users. And if you read this, you must be using android also. Let me tell you about Root Android correctly. Rooting Android is a process with a high possibility to get an access and full control with your Android smartphone. Actually, Android itself is similar to jailbreak in iPhone or h4ck in Symbian. The Android users have their own reason why they choose to root their Android phone. Let me tell you one of the reasons why the Android users choose to root their Android smartphone, that is because they can free an access on installing a lot of apps in the market or non- market which is spread in out there. It is the advantages of rooting android but there are risks and disadvantages of rooting android that you have to know before you begin to root your android.

If you choose to root your Android you will get a lot of advantage, such as free in modifying the theme, free apply and install the application, remove the default application, you can customize, and there are still a lot of advantage that you will get by rooting your Android smartphone. But literally, all the things in this world must have the advantages and the disadvantages. The negative and the positive side. The cause and the effect.

Risks And Disadvantages of Rooting Android

Rooting your Android smartphone there are still the risk and the disadvantage that you have to know. And here are the list of risks and disadvantages of rooting Android smartphone.

1. You might lose your guarantee

The first, In the process of rooting your Android smartphone, it can make the guarantee that gave by the factory gone. And if you bring your android smartphone to the service center, it must be can’t get the guarantee even the last guarantee is still haven’t finished yet. It caused by when the rooting process is running. It was automatically broke or removing the seal that has been applied to your android smartphone.

2. The risk if the root is failed

The second, if your root process is failed, it must be sure if your phone gonna restart the process from the first and it may take a long time. in another side, the most severe possibility if you fail in the root process is your android smartphone gonna boot loop or totally dead.

3. Susceptible to the virus

The third, after the android users have been finished rooted their Android smartphone. There is part of them still complain because of their smartphone is getting a slow response as the effect of rooting process and the virus attack their smartphone. It happens because the firewall is opened when the rooting process is running. But don’t worry, everything can be solved. You can solve it by using the anti-virus application that you can find in the Google Play Store.

4. The phone is getting weak

The last, many problems can be found in the android smartphone when the rooting process is done. That is the smartphone quality which is forced to be worked harder and doing something out of the smartphone ability itself. This thing can make the android smartphone can not stand longer. The smartphone will be easier for getting hot when we over usage.

Before you try to root your android smartphone. I suggest you to choose the right android smartphone which is able to root especially to increase the risk after the phone is rooted. All the decision in your hands. If you think and consider that your smartphone is needed to be root because of the quality. And the ability is haven’t maximal yet, just root your android smartphone. But, if you feel that your Android smartphone has been completed it means your smartphone has a high spec, high-class feature. So you are not too need to root your smartphone.

Those are the explanation of risks and disadvantages of rooting android smartphone. Hopefully, it might give the good effect for the reader. Good luck!!


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