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How’s life guys, in this chance I’d like to tell you about Best Equipment and Items PUBG that you must have in PUBG. This is one of my PUBG Best Guide, before I already share about 5 PUBG facts. Inside the PUBG there are a lot of available items to help you for getting the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. From every items which available there the things that you must carry on are weapon, bag, and healing. It’s gonna be hard for you for getting “Chicken Dinner” without bringing bag, weapon, and healing. But wait, there are also items that you must bring, which is this thing gonna help you and make your way to get “Chicken Dinner” are easier.

Best Equipment and Items For Playing PUBG

OK, now I will share the article so that you can play this game better. If you are beginner, this article really help you to play PUBG. Here are best equipment and items pubg that you must have it all for Playing PUBG :

1. The Smokebomb

The first of Best Equipment and Items PUBG is the smokebomb. The Smokebomb is a thing that seldom carried out by the player. In a war with your enemy, this item was so useful and you were on Sandwiched position. You could throw away the Smokebomb to the direction that you want to look away from the enemy and if the smoke of the bomb has been spread out then you have to move to look for the more safe place.

2. Stun Grenade or Flashbang

The next of Best Equipment and Items PUBG is stun grenade or flashbang. The Stun Grenade is an item that player are seldom carries it out. The Stun Grenade will be reacted after you throw it to your enemy. It won’t take long, after a second the sight and the hearing of the enemy will be burned at that time.

The Stun Grenade itself is suitable to use when you want to rush your enemy which stays at home. And when the Stun Grenade are reacted to your enemy, you could kill them easier.

3. The Grenade

You’d be better of using this item when your enemies were dying, then you could throw your Grenade to the place of your enemy is and kill them. Or even you have seen your enemy around you, you may throw the Grenade to them. You will get 1 kill if the Grenade are hit your enemy. Who knows? Just try it!

4. The Painkiller

The next of Best Equipment and Items PUBG is the painkiller. The Painkiller is the last item that you must know. The function of the Painkiller her is to add the blood on your body. The weakness of this item is the process will run slowly and the blood just increases a little bit. After you use the First Aid or Bandage, here is the work of the Painkiller item is to fulfill the blood on your body.

5. The Ghillie Suit

The last of Best Equipment and Items PUBG is The Ghillie Suit. You need to know that you are seldom find this Ghillie Suit and you just can get it in the Supply Box. If you wear the Ghillie Suit then you hide on the vert, your enemy will not recognize you because they would think that you are an ordinary vert as usual. The usage of the Ghillie Suit feels so useful when you wear it to play like a ninja.

So, buddies! Those are the 5 best equipment and items PUBG that you must have if you play the PUBG Mobile game.


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