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Almost playing all the games needs strategy and right technique. Especially for playing the Battle royal game are also need it. You may play based on your will, but don’t blame anyone if you are hard for getting the Chicken Dinner in PUBG Game. For getting Chicken Dinner the player needs to think how could they survive even it is using the weapon or the item which available on the PUBG Game. So that, here are 7 best tips to get Chicken Dinner on PUBG Game.

7 Best Tips to Get Chicken Dinner on PUBG Game

1.Manage Storage

Choose the right equipment, do not carry war gear that is not used during the war, for example extended mag or a compressor that is not compatible with the weapon you are using. It will fill our bag or storage, managing storage will also be more efficient if arranged with our team.

2. Looting as much as Possible

You’re absolutely suggested to look for the equipment before face and fight your enemy. The equipment that you need to look for are bullet, weapon, medicine, and the other. If you start the war with the less equipment, I wish that you will not die earlier. You need to think about what kind of an important equipment that you must to bring and what you need later. Do not hurriedly. Do not take things that it isn’t too important for you later. You also have to think about the capacity of your bag, how many things that you have to bring and how important it is.

3. Teamwork

The next best tips to get chicken dinner on PUBG is teamwork. Not only PUBG, other games that with MMO genre game and are based on multiplayer team gameplay, such as DOTA 2, surely will also require good teamwork. A great skill is really needed to get Chicken Dinner. However if you play with team, coordination and teamwork are the most important things to be able to achieve victory, coordinate all of your plan with the team.

4. Keep away from make a direct contact with your enemy.

The biggest fault that the player usually did are making a direct contact with their enemy it means like face to face. This thing is also important and sometimes forgotten by the player. The great way of playing this game is keeping away from make a direct contact with your enemy. It means that you must kill your enemy secretly and quietly. Try to look for the spot or the safe, comfort for hiding. And if sometimes your enemy through around you, kill them as fast as you. I suggest to you for Headshot.

5. Do not be hurry for going to the Safe Zone

This thing gonna happen to the newbie of the PUBG Game. It’s a big fault, if you think and considers that going to the safe zone in a hurry is a good idea. You just worry of getting the damage from the safe zone. It will make your enemy get easier to kill you from your back if you so hurry for going to the safe zone. If the safe zone has been seen on the map, don’t go there in a hurry. Wait for about 30 seconds then you have to run to that safe zone. It would be better of by driving the vehicle in order that if the safe zone is too far from where you were and in another side you could get the fortune by killing your enemy who runs to the safe zone while you go to the safe zone by driving your vehicle.

6. Observe the Situation and Make a Calculation

By playing the Battle royale game like PUBG Game, you need to monitor the situation around you and make some right calculation in order that you could still alive. Either calculate what would happen if you do something or go to the some place. If something happens what kind of solution that you have to do. Observe the situation around you, if it looks safe to move to another place or do something just do it. If the situation isn’t supported you to move or do something like your enemies are spreading out around you, so don’t do that and think a better solution.

7. Do not fight in Outdoor

The last of best tips to get chicken dinner on PUBG that you have to know does not fight on outdoor likes in wide yard or another else. It’s gonna be earlier for your enemy to kill you if they have the strength and armor weapon from yours. Find spot that having many spot to take shelter or choose another place that have many builds in order that you’re under the protection and arrange your strategy. If you fight your enemy on the outdoor, then sometimes your skill and your weapon are lost, it will not take a long time, you’re gonna die. Seriously.

So guys, those are the 7 best tips to get Chicken Dinner on PUBG Game. I wish that after you try it you could arrange your strategy and blade on playing this game. You can visit other article such as 5 PUBG facts, becoming ninja killer or other article to know more about PUBG. Thanks and please share this article and this blog.

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