How to Verify Root Access With Root Checker App for Android Phone

Verify Root Access With Root Checker

I thought that the people those who loved to h4ck their Android Smartphone by rooting their phone have been familiar with many kinds of root in this whole world. But, do we ever think that is our phone had a permission for rooting process or not? Sometimes, part of will do it directly just for fun or for trying. But the other part thinks it first before rooting their Android Smartphone. So that, there’s the app namely Root Checker App which is used to check your Android phone has been permitted to get the root access or not. A lot of people use this app to verify root access with root checker apk for their android phone.

There are so many misunderstanding about the rooting process on the smartphone and most of us think that rooting will only damage our Android Smartphone. well, actually, rooting is a process whereas you are as the Android Smartphone users could get an access to edit and modify the main file from your own Android Smartphone. Almost all of the vendor or the producer prohibit us from rooting our Android Smartphone and give a warning by canceling our Android smartphone guarantee.

How To Verify Root Access With Root Checker App

Root checker app will useful if you’re still curious if your phone has a root access or not, so this is the way how to verify root access with root checker.

1. Firstly, please download Root Checker apk on your Android Smartphone or on your Personal Computer (PC). If you download it on your PC, you need to connect it to your phone.

2. Secondly, enable the other application installation from the unknown sources. This is important because the Android has a way to keep away the Application which is not from the Google Play Store. Open the menu setting and open the Private or Security, then choose the “Unknown Source” then enable it.

3. After that, open the file manager then open Root Checker apk on your Android Smartphone. Installation screen will appear, then you just need to click “Next” then tap “install” in order that the application will be installed on your Android Smartphone.

4. The last one is open the app then click the “Verify Root” icon. If your smartphone has been rooted. You will see the pop up that asks you to give the root access. If it appears, give a root access and the Root Checker application will inform you that your smartphone has been rooted with the word “Rooted” and the opposite. If your phone doesn’t have an access so will show “Unrooted” word on your screen.

The Feature of Root Checker

Verify Root Access With Root Checker, Root checker app, Root Checker apk

The root checker application is a basic application that makes you possible to verify root access with root checker on your android. Most the people are still misunderstanding about the function of this application. They think that this application could apply on the root access on their Android Smartphone. Let me underline it, we couldn’t root our Android smartphone by using the Root Checker App. This app will show you, is your phone have a root access or not. Besides that, there are kinds of features of Root Checker App.

1. The Root Checker will show you the version of Android that were running on your phone.

2. You can see your Android Smartphone screen resolution.

3. You could check it by click an icon “Verify Root”

4. This is what people will remind you for many times, try to understand more about what is root exactly. The reason why you must to do that and the way how you use it.

The superiority of rooting Android Smartphone

1. As we are all have known that all of phone aren’t made with the same way. It means if there are 2 phones on a same classes. The hardware potential gonna looks different among them. For example, likes from the different processor or the specification for the different performance. By the root access it will make you possible to get 100% from your Android phone with upgrading and then removing some of the app which useless and this application sometimes will run by itself and take many RAM space so that the performance will getting slow or even it will be hanging. Such as likes on all of Android Smartphone that having so many main app from Google or even from the vendor itself, and it sometimes hard to be removed.

2. The root access make you possible to change the all over ROM phone. It means change the Android operating system which modified and customize based on the will (the Custom Developer) by changing the official firmware (the ROM Stock) the main app from that phone vendor. By rooting process, you can change the main display form vendor with many Custom ROM that special made for every Android phone and based on what you will.

3. By rooting process you could use your Android Smartphone even for prohibit things that unrooted phone can’t. For example. There are several root application will help you to h4ck the WiFi networking.

4. Or even with the root access, you could run the “FREEDOM” application the get the free purchase from some of applications.

So guys, those are a bit information about how to verify root access with root checker app for android phone. Thanks for coming to my blog and please share this article and like my Fans page.


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