How to Download Bluestacks and Install Bluestacks on PC or Laptop

The Bluestacks app is the Android emulator or the virtual machine which runs on the computer or Laptop. The main purpose or the first reason why this software made is in order a human can benefit all the kinds of apps what usually only open through their Android Smartphone, iOS, and iPhone. But now, this software can also open and use through your laptop and computer, that’s why this tutorial How to Install Bluestacks on PC or Laptop is so important for all the people whose just knew about this software and you can download bluestacks here. Why? Because of all this time they just enjoy those things on their Android smartphone only. 

Just imagine, how if you didn’t open your phone and you were staring at your PC, then there is a notification that suddenly appears but you don’t know about it. Is it better if you directly that application through PC right? And you don’t need to be complicated by opening 2 things (PC and your phone). So, it’s good if you play android game on PC and your smartphone can you use for other app. So let’s download bluestacks and install bluestacks on PC

or Laptop, follow all of this steps :

How to Download Bluestacks and Install Bluestacks

The Attention of these several steps bellows, in the several cases, may be you’re gonna feel a little different. Why? Because sometimes, it depends on the file that you use. Just take a great file from the great sources.

1. As usual, the first thing that you must to do is turn-on your PC and connect it to the Internet to download the software. For the next, Download Bluestacks below :

Download Bluestacks 2.5.55

2. After download bluestacks, please install Bluestacks on PC or Laptop. just click the file twice. And click “Continue”

3. For getting great and optimal performance, so it suggests to checklist the App Store Access word and also the App Notification then just click the Install button.

4. After you click Install Now, Please wait the installation until finish.

4. In automatically, your computer will install and the time would be different depending on the every PC condition, sometimes it’s gonna quickly or slowly. And if it has been succeeded then the display would be like this.

5. For download the app that will be an entrance and running on the Bluestacks app, so there are 2 ways. For the first, you could directly download or you have to make an account first. If you wanna directly get the app, you can search the app on 1mobile and GetJar. But if you wanna use the Amazon Apps and Google Play, so you have to make the Google Play account (if you have email from Gmail, you just open the sites).

6. If you choose the second way. You use the Google account, so for searching the app you just need to type it in the search and install then download it.

7. For open and run the app through Bluestacks that you’ve been download before, so just click the  “My Apps” menu. That’s really easy, right?

If you want to use other emulator to play or install android game you can read this article The Best Android Emulators For PC Windows. If your bluestacks is error, please read this article : How to Fix Bluestack Error and How to Change Bluestacks Resolution


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