Download and Play Fortnite on Mobile – Best Battle Royal Game

Do you know Fortnite? As a game lover, you must know it since it is one of the most popular games in the world. Nowadays, there is good news for you like the android user since you can play it on your mobile phone. So, you can immediately download and play Fortnite in mobile. However, there is a little problem that this game is not available in the Google Play Store. Although you cannot find it in that store, don’t worry! There are a few ways to follow to get this game. Have a good look at the tips below to download Fortnite mobile Android.

The Ways to Download and Play Fortnite in Mobile

Concerning the ways to download and play Fortnite in mobile, you can follow these ways below.

How to Download Fortnite

Before playing Fortnite game, it is of course for you to know Fortnite download. Here are the ways if you use Samsung Galaxy.

1. Opening Game Launcher

The first step to download this game is opening the game launcher. You can open it on your smartphone.

2. Search for Fortnite

Then, you are suggested to search for Fortnite in the searching column.

3. Download Fortnite

For downloading this game, you need to know that the ways are the same as downloading and installing the application in Google Play Store. You only wait for the download process and then just install to play this game.

4. Provide the empty place

The last step, don’t forget to provide an empty place in your internal memory. It is because Fortnite has 1, 88 GB.

When you don’t use a Samsung smartphone, you should follow these steps below to download the Fortnite game.

1. Must know smartphone type

What does it mean? Yea, it means that you must know the list of smartphone types that can play that game in a formal site of Epic games. It is like that because not all android devices can play Fortnite game.

2. Click Sign Up for Email Invite

If you have convinced that your device supports to be able to play this game, you can click sign up for an email invite. In this game, you should agree with all the roles in it. So, you are allowed to click the icon of Create Account.

3. Get the reply email

Then, you will get the reply email from Epic Games of Fortnite. In fact, there is a link to download the APK Fortnite in that email.

4. Open file Fortnite.apk

After the download process finished, please open the apk file of Fortnite to install. Just wait for that process completed.

5. Change security setting

In order to allow the application that is not familiar, it is better for you to change the security setting first.

6. Login Fortnite account

Finally, the Fortnite game is available on your smartphone. Don’t forget to log in to your account for this game!

How to Play Fortnite

When you want to know the ways of how to play Fortnite online pc, you can check these tips below.

1. Use the control scheme

It is better for you to use a more compact control scheme than a traditional controller. In this case, you are very suggested to use the pre-game lobby. The reason is to practice moving about jumping and also cycling.

2. Use the feature of autorun

This feature is available in the Epic Games. You can double-tap the control stick on the left side of the screen. Actually, it makes your character run in the direction they are facing. Besides, it also allows you to scan the area for the enemies.

3. Turn on Tap to Search

It is good for you to turn off the feature of auto pickup. Thus, just go to the Settings menu and then turn on the option of Tap to Search. It means that you will tap the screen to interact with loot.

That’s all about the ways to download and play Fortnite in mobile. Please have a good understanding!