Yi Sun-shin Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Role, Skills, and Superiority

Yi Sun-shin Hero Guide

Hi Mobile Legends lovers! Do you like to use a marksman? If so, you can try Yi Sun-shin. This hero is a unique marksman. When you use this hero, you will see Yi Sun Shin Boat. Then, this hero has a specialty for your team. He can reap and poke. To get the Yi Sun-shin hero guide in Mobile Legends will be useful for you to increase your mastery in using this hero. So, have a good look at the explanation below.

Kinds of Skills to Know in Yi Sun-shin Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

To maximize your gameplay using this hero, it is important to know his skills. In this Yi Sun-shin hero guide in Mobile Legends, let’s see kinds of skills he has. Here they are.

1. Heavenly Vow

This is a passive skill from Yi Sun-shin. He chooses his longbow or glaive to attack. The choice he takes is based on his distance from the enemy heroes. If he uses the glaive, it will deal more damage. Also, it will reduce the cooldown of One-wave sweep by 1 second.

2. One-wave Sweep

This first skill lets Yi Sun-shin have Glaive in hand. With it, he slashes forward and deals damage to the enemies. It happens along the way and slows the enemies by 40% for 2 seconds. Then, when he is on the Turtle Ship, the ship will dash in the intended direction. This condition will deal damage to the first enemy hero it collides with. It also happens to the enemy heroes nearby and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

3. Blood Floods

With his skill, he shoots a piercing arrow at his full strength and gives damage to the enemies. Then, it will slow them by 60% for 2 seconds. Then, the range of his arrow attack and the damage scale with the charge time. The first enemy that gets hit will take full damage. Then, the next enemy will take 20% less. It happens up to 60% less damage.

4. Mountain Shocker

This is the ultimate skill of Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends. When you use it, he will summon the naval fleet to launch 3 rocket wave attacks. Every wave of this attack gives damage to the enemy that is hit by the attack. Also, the attack will slow them slightly.

The Superiorities of Yi Sun-shin

Every hero Mobile Legend has superiorities, include Yi Sun-shin. In this good opportunity, let’s see his superiorities that will be beneficial for your team. Take a good look at the explanation below.

1. A marksman with great damage

This hero has a unique passive. When he attacks the enemy heroes in the short distance, he will give the biggest damage compared to other marksmen. So, it will be beneficial when you should get team war in a short distance.

2. Having a useful first skill

His first skill is very good and useful to run away from enemies or chase them. It will work best especially when he is on his ship.

3. Having a unique ultimate skill

His third/ ultimate skill is very unique. When you use this skill, it can hit all of the enemy heroes. It can happen although the enemies far away from him and invisible. Even, when they hide on the bush, they will also get hit by his ultimate skill. Thus, you and your team will know the position of the enemies even they are far away and hide.

Well, that is all about the explanation of the Yi Sun-shin hero guide in Mobile Legends. Just learn it well and practice more to increase your gameplay. Don’t forget to ask your squad to practice together so that the gameplay of your team will increase.