How to Install XMOD Games in Clash of Clans – Download Xmod Games

This tool apps so perfect, cos if you use this tool on your android phone or iOS phone and play Clash of clans. You can make simulation before attack enemy base so you can know strength of enemy base. You also can set how much you want to get gold or exilir so you can get much exilir and gold easily. How ?? it heard so amazing right ! OK now, Info New Technologies will share How to Install Xmod Games in Clash of clans on your phone and I will give you the software. Before I will show you how to install, I want to give you information about function of this tool XMOD :

Function of Xmod Games :

  • To get gold, dark exilir, and exilir. To get gems, you can not get from this tool but don’t worry I will give you trick to get gems more. Visit this article How to get free gems in Clash of Clans easily.
  • Sandbox Attack. This function is to make simulation before we attack enemy base so we can know how strength the enemy base.
  • Keep Active. This function is to make your clash of clans keep online/active so you are not worry your base will be attacked.
  • Search Prompt. This function is to make sound of notification when your searching result is found.

NOTE Before Install Xmod Games :

  • You must root your android phone or jailbreak your IOS phone if you want to use this app.
  • You are not going to be banned because of using this app
  • This app can’t use for genymotion and bluestack

How To Install Xmod Games in Clash Of Clans

  • Install Clash of clans game if you haven’t installed the software yet
  • Please download Xmod games :

XmodGames 2.3.6

XmodGames 2.3.5

  • Install XMOD Games app on your phone.
  • When you installed it, you will go to the My Games page. Then please you choose Clash of Clans game
  • After that you click the Launch button on Clash of clans game.
  • Click the Launch button you will go in the game.
  • Please wait until you come to Clash of clans game and ready to make it great.
  • And then if you want to attack, you can set how much minimum you want to get gold, exilir and dark exilir. You just click the Gold More Than button and then type how much you want.
  • Then you can try attack your enemy or you want to try other menu on XMOD Games.
Thanks for visiting my blog and read this article How to install Xmod Games in Clash of clans.

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