Screen Recorder Windows 10 – The Most Favorite Feature

Screen Recorder Windows 10 is one of the most valuable features. Yes, you can record anything displayed by the screen with this feature. Do you ever have a question of how to record screen on Windows 10 without Xbox? Well, it is possible to do it. However, you need to install certain software in your windows. Thus, it will be better for you to make a recording using the Xbox Game Bar.

How to Use Screen Recorder Windows 10 with Xbox Game Bar

There are several preparations you need to do. Here are the steps of how to record video on pc Windows 10 you can follow.

1. Enable the Xbox Game Bar

You must do this step because the screen recorder will not work without this feature. To enable it is easy. You can just go to “Settings”, scroll and choose “Gaming”. Then, find the Game bar section to check the “Record game clips”. When it indicates that the Xbox game bar is enabled, you can, then, go to the next step.

2. Go to Game DVR

The second step to do is going to the Game DVR. You can reach this option by opening the “Settings”, going to the “Gaming” section, then choosing the “Game DVR”.

3. Set up the audio and also video settings

This step will impact the result of the recording. Thus, you need to set it so that you can meet the best quality of audio and video you want.

4. Open the Game Bar

When you think that you are ready to make a screen recording, just open the Game Bar first. You can make it happen with Win + G available on this best screen recorder for Windows 10

5. Tap on the option says “yes, this a game”

This action will make your windows load the game bar.

6. Start recording

To start recording your action with your windows, just click on the start recording button. You can also run this action by pressing the Win+ Alt+ R. In this step, the screen recorder is running. So, it will record everything appears on the screen. In this matter, your Windows 10 will automatically capture video. You can stop recording at a certain time you want.

7. Stop recording

If you want to stop recording your action displayed on the windows’ screen, you can just click the red recording bar. If you want to use the keyboard to do this action, just press Win + G.

8. Find your videos

After you make some recordings, all of them will be saved in the storage of your Windows. You can find them by going to the “Videos” option, then choose “Captures”. All of your videos recorded with the Xbox Game Bar will be there.

To have tips on how to record screen in Windows 10 without any software is not so difficult, isn’t it? Even, you do not need certain apps to help you make screen recording as the windows have provided the feature to make it. So, just feel free to record your action with your windows every time you want.

How to Record Screen and Webcam Video Simultaneously

Most people consider How to Record Screen and Webcam Video at the same time. Is it possible to do it? Yes, the answer is “it is possible”. If you want to try it, just do the following steps.

1. Go to the certain free online screen recorder website

First, you can use the service of some certain sites of free online screen recorder. The site you can choose, for instance, is the Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. When you have reached the site, you can directly click “Start Recording” to make a video recording. Remember, if you are in the first time to use this site, you have to download the launcher. It is an application that should exist to help you open the site. With the launcher, your windows can load the site perfectly. So, it is only an app to help to open the site and is not screen recorder software.

2. Customize the right Settings for the video

After you see the recording frame pop up, you can then customize it. You can set the saving directory, recording area, and others for your videos.

3. Tap the red “Rec”

From the background of the site, you will see the red “Rec” button. If you are ready to start recording, just tap it. Then, you can follow that action by clicking “OK” to start recording your windows’ screen. Yea, this condition lets you record anything displayed by the windows’ screen. You can record tutorials of how to operate something, games, or other businesses. So, feel free to do it.

4. Tap the camera icon and select your camera

This fourth step is an action to do when you want to record your windows screen and webcam simultaneously. You can find the camera icon on the toolbar. After you tap it, the camera will pop up soon. This camera will show the recording caught from the webcam. The position of this camera can be moved everywhere around the screen as you want.

5. Make use of the blue pause button

In a certain condition, you certainly need to pause your recording. In this matter, you can just press the blue pause button to stop the recording for a while. Then, you can continue your recording after being paused with the same icon. Just press it again to continue.

6. Make use of green check icon

When you want to finish recording and save the video, you can press the green check icon to confirm this process.

7. Save video

To save the video you have recorded, you can just click on the “save” button. It is located on the toolbar.

Screen Recorder Windows 10 is useful for you. It helps you to record anything happens in your windows’ screen precisely. So, just use it properly to help you run your business successfully. If you see windows 10 screen recorder not working, just contact the company for more information or try other apps to record screen Windows.