How to Replace KingUser KingRoot With SuperSU

Replace KingUser KingRoot With SuperSU

Rooting is a process to get full access on your Android devices.  If you root your device you will get permission to access and make changes to the Android system. Although root using SuperSU app is the most popular way, but there are many users who have rooted their devices using other apps like KingRoot but They will get KingUser, not SuperSu on the screen of their phone. Unfortunately, not everyone likes KingUser as it comes from a less popular and doubtful developer. Therefore, the lack of confidence in an application becomes one of the reasons why people want to replace KingUser KingRoot with SuperSU.

Maybe you are one of them, and do you want to switch from KingUser to SuperSU? If you want to replace KingUser  I give you a simple tutorial. It is how to replace KingUser from KingRoot with SuperSU. This is one of the easiest ways to replace KingUser to SuperSU. However, this method does not always work on every device, if the first method fails, you can use the second method, I will give you two tutorials to replace KingUser with SuperSU, so you use one of them. Let’s begin to replace KingUser with SuperSU on your device. If you haven’t rooted your device, please download Kingroot first and root any android device using KingRoot.

Replace KingUser KingRoot With SuperSU

First Way :

  • Download and install SuperSU app.
  • Then give permissions for the app as SuperUser
  • Uninstall KingRoot, read: How to Uninstall KingRoot (KingUser) App.
  • Update SuperUser Binary and restart your device.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully replaced KingUser with SuperSU.

If you failed in this first way don’t worry because I will give you second way that more powerful way with a high success rate, but you have to understand how to use Emulator Terminal For Android.  And fortunately, you don’t need a relief device like a PC or laptop. OK, Lets follow this steps for second way :

Second Way :

  • Download and install Terminal Emulator for Android. To download you can look for the app in Playstore
  • Download file
  • Unzip / extract the file you downloaded then save the “Extracted Folder – MRW” file extracted in the outermost directory in internal memory.
  • Open the Terminal Emulator app and type the following command in Terminal Emulator “Su
  • After that, there is a message box will appear and it give you choices to Reject or Allow the function. And please chose Allow to get permission for the app to remove KingUser on your device.
  • Next, type the following line of code “sh /sdcard/mrw/
  • After writing the above command, maybe the result will show some errors, some kind of error, but not to worry, just ignore the error then automatically SuperSU app will open by itself.

After follow all of steps above, please restart your Android device. And now you already replace KingUser KingRoot with SuperSU.



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