Diggie Hero Guide

On 1.2.26 Mobile Legends update version. Moonton developer suddenly adds new hero that can be relayed by gamers. Can’t denied that all heroes that have been brought by Moonton that was extremely cool because basically this MOBA mobile version that can shake the world game because of all the feature inside. The newest hero that just added from Moonton namely, Diggie. In every single hero on classic mode or even Ranked game, all heroes must be brought up by Guide, a great build item, and so on. So that, the newest one here absolutely also has those things. Here are the superiority of Diggie Hero guide in Mobile Legends.

Diggie Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Diggie is the newest support hero in the Mobile legend that has come on 1.2.26 update version by Moonton developer. The price of itself is for about 24.000 Battle Points (BP) or for about 499 Diamonds. Diggie hero has several skins that can be used, those are Time keeper and Pigeoneer. Lets learn about skill this hero in Diggie Hero guide.

Skill of Diggie Hero in Mobile Legends

– The Passive skill of Diggie: The Young Again

Young again might himself to change become an egg when he attacked and be getting die. When he become an egg. He can not be attacked by his enemies but he can directly attack them with one of his skill.

– Skill 1 Diggie : The Reverse Time

Digger will lock the target and give a slow effect. After 4 next second, that target will come back to their first place even the target has been stayed away from him.

– Skill 2 of Diggie : The time bomb

Digger will throw the alarm to the one who he considers that his enemies target. When it is explode, it will produce 300 damages and a stun for 1.2 seconds.

– Ultimate Skill Of Diggie : The Time Journey

By using this skill, all team members will invulnerable in 2.5 seconds from of the attack from the crow control and every single member will get a Shield in 5 seconds.

Build Item of Diggie Hero in Mobile Legends

Here are the most recommended and the build item of Diggie hero guide in Mobile Legends games that you can try on Classic mode or even in Ranked game.

  • Enchanted Talisman (magic) : this item will give a decrease effect on cooldown and add regen mana for every 10 seconds.
  • Magic Shoes (movement)
  • Ice Queen Wand (magic)
  • Courage Bulwark (defense): besides add Diggie defenses, this item will activate to enhance Movement speed of Diggie and a hero around him 30% for 3 seconds. This item has a cooldown for 40% seconds.
  • Disaster Truncheon (magic)
  • Immortality (defense) : this item will awaken up diggie after he dies. So that this item is proper to defense or even attack.
Next of Build Item of Diggie Hero

For the most recommended Battle Spell for Diggie hero is A Flicker and also completed with the Emblem for Diggie hero is a Magic. Diggie one Mobile Legends game work as a Hero support that has a powerful skill to make the enemy getting confused especially for his own ultimate skill.When the war was running, try to use skill 1 to make timer bomb with a stun effect, after that when the enemy try to escape you have to immediately use skill 2 in order that they will return to their first place.

By the way, by using the Time Journey as the Ultimate skill of Diggie hero, it will make your member getting invulnerable from the crowd control of Gord, Aurora, Akai, Tigreal and the other heroes. Meanwhile, he will also give a Shield for 5 seconds. You can even combine his Skill by using : 1-2-1-3 or even 2-1-1-3.

To sum up, those are Diggie hero guide in Mobile Legends game and several tips to try to be used in a Classic mode or even in a Ranked Game. Hopefully it will give a lot of benefits for you. Cheerio!