Claude Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Most Frequent Marksman to Pick

Claude Hero Guide

To have a marksman on the battlefield is a must to make the game easier. A marksman can freely shoot the enemies from distance accurately. In this matter, you need to know Claude hero guide in Mobile Legends. Well, this hero is very unique. He has a partner named Dexter that can help him to attack enemies or distract them. When you have mastered this hero well, you can certainly contribute much to your team. So, let’s see the claude Mobile Legends guide below.

How to Play Well with Claude Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Without having the right tips to use this hero, you can’t play well using Claude. So, you can follow the tips of Claude hero guide in Mobile Legends below and practice them regularly.

Claude Hero Guide

1. Clear minion in the lane

As other marksman, this hero is not too strong in the early game. That is why you need to increase Claude’s level so that he will give a big contribution to other heroes in your team. To make it happen, first, you should bring him to stay in a certain lane and clear minion as fast as possible. The faster you clear minion, the faster this hero’s level will increase.

2. Go to Jungle

After clearing minions, you can then go to the jungle to kill some monster there. Besides making the level rise up, every monster will give gold that you can use to buy items on the battlefield.

3. Destroy Tower/ Turret

If possible and safe, you can try to push on your lane. You can steal the enemies’ tower to give additional gold and level up to your team.

4. Roam

The last of claude hero guide is roam. When you are successful to destroy enemies’ tower, you can go roaming to help your team in the team fight. With a marksman, it will be easier to gank enemies, especially when they are not in the complete formation.

The Right Emblem and Battle Spell of Claude

Next information in claude hero guide is his right emblem and battle spell. Emblem and the battle spell will give a big effect on this hero on the battlefield. So, what should you choose for Claude? Let’s find the answer by following the explanation below.

1. Best emblem

There are two emblems that you can use for this hero. They are physical and marksman emblem. If you want him to get an additional hit point, you can use the physical emblem. However, if you like this hero having more attack speed, armor penetration, and life steal, the marksman emblem is the best choice for him.

2. Recommended battle spell

Besides emblem, a battle spell is also necessary to consider well. For Claude, there are recommended spells to choose from. The first one is a Retribution spell. You can use it to make his level go up quickly. When you feel not so confident to meet the strong hero from the opponent, you can choose Flicker’s spell. You can use it to run away from the enemy when you think you may lose in the team fight.

Well, that is all about the Claude hero guide you can follow. Learn it well and practice more after you get a better understanding to use this hero.