How Turn Your Windows 10 Laptop into a WiFi

Hello guys, Now I want to share article to you about How Turn Your Windows 10 Laptop into a WiFi Hostpot. This tips good for you, If you always need internet for your activity everyday because you are internet marketer or you are college or high school student, I think you always need it. And sometimes we don’t know when our WiFi device’s broken or our internet quota exhausted, and we don’t think it so we can not continue to work or do our homework. This tip can be alternative way for you if you get problem like it.

If you want to share internet connection for your friend around you, this way is good for it, so you can do homework together with your friend and you are not confused to look for WiFi connections. If you use windows 7 you can also read this article: How turn your windows 7 laptop into a WiFi HotspotSharing internet connection on Windows 10 is easier than sharing internet connection on windows 7. Because Microsoft already prepare it on windows 10 so windows 10 is easy to set internet connection sharing.

How Turn Your Windows 10 Laptop into a WiFi Hostpot

Steps to set Windows 10 is not many, not like on Windows 7. Follow this steps below : 

  • Open Settings Menu and then please click Windows+l
How Turn Your Windows 10 Laptop into a WiFi
  • After that choose Network & Internet
  • And then please choose Mobile Hotspot
  • And please choose Share My Internet Connection With Other Devices
  • To set hotspot WiFi please you click Edit button and you can change your password and username default.
  • And now you already active hotspot WiFi on your laptop. Then please your friend connect to your laptop hotspot by type user name. And also type the password that you have made it.

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