How to Install Windows 10 & Set BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD or USB Drive

how to install windows 10

As we have known that Windows 10 which created from Microsoft operating system takes a lot of people attention especially for the personal computer (PC) and it makes most of them choose to upgrade their operating system to become Windows 10. It was not a wrong choice, because basically the interface from Windows 10 itself was so cool and elegant. You have to know that actually, the display of Windows is a combination between Windows 7 and Window 8 and one thing that you need to know is, the way how to install it also have the same way with installing the Windows 8. Everyone knows that, to know a clearer way to do that must learn it deeper too in order that there will not have a bad thing happened. Let’s learn how to install windows 10 & set BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD or USB Drive below with me:

How to Install Windows 10

Before you install the Windows 10 operating system, there must be several things that you have to know, those are:

  1. First, prepare the DVD installer of Windows 10, because in this case it will be used as the installation media.
  2. Second one, set bios to boot from CD/DVD or USB Drive so that the booting is started from the DVD at the first time.
  3. If you want to install it in a laptop, make sure that the battery is full and prepare the charger. Don’t let run out of battery when you were installing Windows 10 in it.
  4. The last one, It will take a long of duration. The installation process will take for about a half hours and people understand that it was an extremely long duration, isn’t it?

How to Set BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive

As I have said before that you need to set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD or USB Drive because basically the default of laptop or Personal Computer (PC) is from HDD itself, so that here is the way how to do it:

1. First, turn on or restart your computer or your laptop. Before the system enter the Windows, press F2 button for many times until the BIOS display appear. For your information, not all of computer laptop use F2 button to enter to BIOS menu, there are several general buttons such as DELETE, F1 or even Fn + F2, it’s all depends on it’s manufacture. After that, move to the Boot tab by using right or left button on the keyboard.

how to install windows 10

2. And Second one, you move the menu to BOOT menu with right button.

3. The third one, in order that booting is running from the first is started from DVD, please choose the CD-ROM Drive then drag it by using +/ – button until it reach the top position seems like in this bellow picture.

how to install windows 10

4. Fourth, don’t forget to put the DVD installer windows 10 to the DVD ROM, then save the result of BIOS Setting.

5. If you use USB flash drive to install Windows 10, you can move USB storage until the top. Check the picture below :

Steps How To Install Windows 10 Operating System

After you have been setting BIOS in order that booting from the first time is from DVD, here is the turn to install Windows 10, here are the steps of how to install windows 10:

1. First, press any button (what ever) to begin the installation of Windows 10. For example, when you were facing with the display like this in the middle of installation process, I remind you, Do not press any button because it will bring you back to the first installation process.

how to install windows 10

2. The second, choose your Time and Currency Format. For the others such as Language to Install and the Keyboard or Input Method, let it the default, you don’t need to change that.

3. After that, select NEXT and you will go to install button page and just click INSTALL NOW.

how to install windows 10

4. If you have serial number for license of Windows 10, just type the serial number. If you don’t have you can click SKIP, then you will go to this page below. After that check the license, I accept the license terms, then choose NEXT to continue your installing windows 10.


5. For the next steps, please choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced). and you will got to the partition page.

6. If you want to re-install or even upgrade or downgrade from the last operating system to the Windows 10, you just need to delete Drive 0 Partition 2 or (C:) Drive and Drive 0 Partition 1: Reserved System.

7. And both of them will automatically remove it to become the Unallocated Space (haven’t partition). You can see the picture below:

8. For the next, make a new partition again, select Drive 0 Unallocated Space and click NEW and APPLY then OK.

9. Drive 0 Partition 2 will be the installation location or (C:) Drive, please select Drive 0 partition 2 and then choose NEXT to continue it.

Note of how to install windows 10:

If you want to install windows 10 operating system on new laptop or new computer, please skip this steps. It’s step 6 until step 9. New computer don’t have partition so you need to make partition for some partition or Drive. Click NEW and select size of partition and then click APPLY and OK. I think for (C:) Drive you can make 50000 MB until 100000 MB for the size. After that you can make other partition such as (D:) Drive, (E:) Drive, and more depending on your needs.

12. The installation process was running. This process will take for about 30 minutes, you may wait for it while doing the other things. Do not be shocked if your laptop or your personal computer is directly restarted by itself for many times cause it is a part of the windows 10 installation process.

13. Please type in your Windows 10 product key, then choose Next. If you don’t have , just choose to Do this later. Then you can activate it again later.

14. After that, choose Use Customize Settings.

how to install windows 10

15. Then choose NEXT and NEXT again.

16. After that, please type your computer name and also Password in order that not all of people can access your personal computer or laptop. and Type the word or sentence security that will help you to memorize your password on Password hint column. If you don’t need password for your computer, just skip this step, you also type Name computer, and then click NEXT for continue the installing.


17. This process will not take much time, so you just need to wait for a while until to are directed to your desktop.

18. And here we go, the Windows 10 installation has been finished. Here is the display of Windows 10 that looks cool.

how to install windows 10

If it has done, do not be glad so fast. There must be several things that you have to do to your laptop or your computer such as install the antivirus, driver your computer, browser such as Chrome and so many else.

So guys, those are the guide of How to Install Windows 10 & Set BIOS to Boot from CD/DVD or USB Drive as the first boot. Hopefully it would give a lot of benefits for you. Good luck and have a nice trying.



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