Android 10 Update – Features, Release Date and Things You Should Know

Android 10

Google already announced the next series of Android called Android 10. This 17th Android version has been on the news since it is released in a beta version last May. And for your information, this new generation will not be named by using dessert’s name such as the previous version. This version is now officially named Android Q since Google unable to find the name that matches with Q letter of a dessert. Curious about Android 10 release date and other things? Here’s the information for you.

Android 10 Release Date

The first thing you may curious is about the release date. According to the recent news, it is confirmed that Google will release Android Q next month, scheduled to be on September 3rd, 2019. And as Google used to do, they will use Pixel to introduce the Android 10 to the public exclusively.

For your information, Google has released the first Android 10 beta last March. And there is a total of six beta versions release before the final release. And the next September is the final release.

The Features

One of the interesting things when talking about new things on the smartphone is about the feature. All of the Android lovers in the world are curious about the features of this new Android version. Lucky that there is some news about this that will make all of you want to have it. And here’s all you need to know about the Android 10 features:

1. Android Q will have the bubbles feature. This feature can be used to present a notification, such as the one on Messenger chat head. But in this new version, it can also be used to present content from the apps. All supported apps can spawn the bubbles from notifications. This bubbles feature is designed to replace the existing permission which sometimes overlay. And this is also related to security issues.

2. The new feature that is different from the previous Android version that this one has a new gesture system. This new feature is as a system of transform full-screen gesture. This system will enable to make the swipe from side to side to go back.

3. The next feature that you will find is the system-level of the dark theme. What does it mean? It means that when the user activates this mode, any of the third apps will display the dark theme automatically.

4. Google also develop the system setting on this new Android Q. Apps can now present the setting panel for a specific setting. As an example, if you want to adjust the setting of Wi-Fi or internet connection when the app requires the internet connection.

5. The next feature is related to displaying text.

This is the feature that not many people knew. According to the official Android developer, it said that they continue to support the user by improving performance. In this Android 10 phones, the developer disabled the hyphenation by default. They also enabled creating a typeface using multiple fonts. This means that the new system will be able to expose the list of fonts installed on the device. Some other improvement is the styling API of most used text.

6. The next feature that also interesting to hear is the ability to use QR code to share the internet connection. So, when you activate the hotspot with your friends they just need to scan the QR code without sharing the password anymore.

Platform Improvements

Android 10 also comes with new platform improvement. One of the platform improvements that we can find is platform optimization. The optimization model is using multi-window, as part of app continuity optimization when changing mode. Activating the multi-window will enable you to run multiple apps simultaneously; even if you run all the apps. There is also some additional support for multiple displays that need to explore more.

Another improvement also can be found in sharing shortcut, video codec, and audio codec. There is also a new standard API one of the exciting Android features. With this new standard, the ability to retrieve the depth information from camera photos is possible to be done.

This means that users will be able to use a more advanced effect that they have never known before. The last platform improvement is that Android Q will support the Dual SIM dual standby system, which is the first model ever to be applied.

Privacy and Security Improvement

Not only improving the platform and any other feature, but Google also improves privacy and security. On Android 10, there are some security and privacy. The first change is about the restricted access for particular apps. This means users only having access to the location data that they actively use in the foreground, according to some source.

The next improvement is related to storage security which known as Scoped Storage. This is access permission to your storage in a safer way. As an example, apps will only be allowed to access the data such as photos or music that they created before.

To access other files, the user may able to access through the Storage Access Framework. For your information, the scoped storage system will be mandatory for all apps on Android 11 in the future.

Good news is that many upcoming smartphones will be using Android 10 after the final release. Many big smartphone producers will release the device with the newest Android version. Globally, there are at least 14 partner devices to use Android Q in their upcoming product.