The Types of Web Hosting That You Have to Know

Probably there is a lot of the people who do not really understand what is actually web hosting. Are you curious about it? OK if you curious about it I will inform to you what the types of web hosting that you have to know before you make a blog or website. Before I already shared the best web hosting and the cheapest web hosting.

As matter of fact, a web or website consist of various supporting elements and also hosting is included one of them. The brief description of hosting or web hosting is a computer that is always connected with the unlimited internet that always on (server computer) where we put a lot of content or file of our website. So, the conclusion is without a website hosting we will never get the online connection. And in this article, we serve the types of web hosting that commonly used on the internet. 

The types of web hosting

  • The Free Hosting

Do you know about free hosting? Let’s see this. Free Hosting is a free hosting service. Commonly, the user just simply register and place the website file after received as a member of that website hosting. The provider of the website hosting usually offers a sub domain option for the user’s site address. And also the provider of the website offers instant application to create another website. The service providers also provide certain terms or restrictions or display additional on your website pages as a reward. Free hosting is perfect hosting service for who you are learning to create a website

  • The Shared Hosting

Another kind of website hosting is Share Hosting, this is the cheapest hosting. Technically, the provider makes several groups server. Its resources in order that you can share it with ten to hundreds of website. The users of this hosting need to choose the “plot” packet that available with the certain capacity. Almost all the hosting services in many country offering this hosting packet. Many people use this hosting because this is the cheapest kind. Because of this hosting used together and there is the limit, so the shared hosting isn’t suitable for the website with the crowded visitors or maybe this hosting need a high resource.

  • The VPS Hosting

Next of types of web hosting is VPS host. The VPS or the Virtual Private Server is the quite expensive hosting service. In technically, the hosting server shares the resource from some server into the several virtual servers. It’s really different with the shared hosting service that used at the same time, but for this VPS (Virtual Private Server) is limited for the customer only. In order that keeping the performance from the every virtual server. There will be the offering that the customer service of this hosting can choose.

Usually, the differential is how big the memory, space, and the limited bandwidth. The excellence of this VPS hosting is giving the discretion to the customer to manage the rented hosting. Because of the every side has the access right, install the application itself, have the operation system and can be used for the several websites at once. The VPS hosting is suitable for the website with a crowded visitors or it can be used for the people those who had many websites.

  • The Dedicated Hosting

This payment hosting is included quite expensive prices. The Dedicated Hosting server offering the server to the one customer only. The customer of this hosting can totally use the resource and the server for their own necessary ‘till makes them feel it likes they are the owner of that’s server.

  • The Cloud Hosting

The Cloud Hosting is the Website Hosting with the newest technology. This cloud hosting is offering the better speed and the security, it’s really different from the shared hosting. This cloud hosting isn’t working on one server only, but it has many points that spread out in this whole world. So, if there’s a broken server, it will change with another server. For the offering price of this hosting is a little expensive than the shared hosting.

  • The Reseller Hosting

This is the last of the types of web hosting. The Reseller Hosting is the hosting realtor service. Actually, they are not the manager of the website server, but it was given from the certain hosting services and give the right to resell it again. For the resell it they use the name or the label and make their own packets for the hosting server offering. Usually, the hosting server offers to contribute with the reseller. The model of this hosting website is suitable used for you that want to try and taste the hosting business but you have a limited resource, even it is from the financial side, the technique ability side and etc.


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