How to Download and Install Line on PC for Windows

This article will show you how to download and install Line on PC. Actually, download and install this app is easy. You just go to the link below to download or you can go to official website of Line. And install this app like you install this app on your android phone or iOS phone. Just need email or your phone number, you can install this app. But if you never install on smartphone maybe you will be confused so just follow all of steps below to install and download Line for PC.

How to Download and Install Line on PC

1. First time Download Line on PC, Check the link below. The second step is you need to install Line app on your PC. It’s like you install another app. Download line for PC here:

If it has been installed, the display would be like this below image
2. The second, Login Line on your PC. Actually, there are three way to login Line on PC. Those are:
  • Login by Email And Password

– Open your Line application on your phone then open Setting > Account

– Then choose Email Registration.

– And after that, just put your email and your password to the coloum for Login to your Line account.
  • Login by Phone Number

– Click Login by Phone Number (below Login button).

– And then you can type your phone number and your Line password and then click LOGIN.

  • Login by Scan QR Code

– You need to open Line application on your PC, then choose QR code login, here is the display.

download line for PC
– Open your Line account on your phone then choose More > Add Friend > QR Code. Then direct you camera phone to the QR Code on the Line application of your PC.

– There will be the question, “Do you want to login?”, you just need to click Login.

  • The display of the Line contact on the PC will be like this below images.
  • And here is the display of Line Chat on PC
  • And here is the display of Line Setting on PC

– As the insight, the Line Application on the PC couldn’t support to Register a new account. So, if you wanna make a new one, you have to register through your phone. And if you’ve been registered, you can Login it on PC.

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