Mobile Legends Live Stream Tips to expose your Amazing Playing Talent

On the topic of Mobile Legends live stream at this time, you will know two tutorials. This platform informs how to activate the live streaming feature then it talks on how to share it. It sounds very exciting to buy why do you want to do it? Some people have current reasons why they want to give or get the Mobile Legends live streaming tips. They want to teach how to play this game or just show off its ability. Anything your purpose to know these tips, this page always supports you with the best information.

Simple Mobile Legends Live Stream Tips

Mobile Legends includes the light video game type which only under 100 MB. It is compatible with the smartphone with RAM 1GB and plays in 5v5 classic playing style. To defeat its opponent hero or team, this game relies on three different lanes. By the way, activate its live streaming is very easy where you can do it in 4 following steps:

  • Open the game

Of course, the first time that you must do is opening Mobile Legends by login it.

  • Select your profile

Then, click your photo profile to find some features.

  • Choose Stream Info

Afterward, choose “Stream Info” to navigate to the last step.

  • Do live stream

Here, the game asks for live streaming by clicking “ ON” on Streaming Assistant and Live Streaming.

How to share Mobile Legend Live Streaming on Youtube and Facebook

By the way, those are the steps to activate your live streaming game. Now, it is time to share both on Youtube and Facebook. If you want to share Mobile Legends live stream Youtube, conduct the number of the steps one to four. Afterward, continue to select the Youtube menu and click Start button. Automatically, you have shared your live streaming when playing Mobile Legends. It becomes one of the ways to get more viewers on ML live stream.

Meanwhile, Mobile Legends live stream Facebook is almost similar to sharing on Youtube. However, you choose the Facebook menu not Youtube and start with login to the game. After clicking Facebook and start menu. It implies you have shared the live streaming when you play in this app.

Live Stream on Youtube without Application

It turns out you can share your live streaming game on Youtube without the app. You can do it by passing the following steps:

1. Assure that you have a Youtube channel where your phone number has verified it.

2. Go on opening Mobile Legends app through the login menu.

3. Navigate to the left-side page to choose the Live menu.

4. Enter My Streaming menu where you might get two options. There is a “Go to configure ” option for the channel that does not have a certification. Just follow the instruction but you quite use “Got it” option if have had the certification.

5. Use My Streaming page to manage title, camera setting, video quality, and microphone.

6. If you do not connect to your Youtube channel yet, click the icon of people over the start menu. Furthermore, you must log in to your Google account that you will use.

7. Lastly, click START! Do this last step when everything (all settings) is okay.

4 Ways to Get More Viewers on Mobile Legends Live Stream

Another way to live stream is to get more viewers and earn money. Luckily, there are 4 ways to get more viewers on Mobile Legends live stream. It consists of:

1. Reach your master level

It turns out you cannot live stream if you do not reach master level first.

2. Have many followers

Add your followers immediately if you want more viewers. Look for followers easily through your Facebook account in “Friend”.

3. Share on Social Media

You can share via Youtube and Facebook where the tutorial exists above.

4. Improve your skill

Being an expert with improving your skill. It will invite many viewers if you can play it properly. Even, you can get a diamond from the viewers that satisfy to your playing.

It turns out sharing Mobile Legends live stream can use Facebook and Youtube. Send gifts to your partner in the form of flowers, jewelry, airplane, or roadster. Well, show your talent to master the game easily. Gather other advantages too. Good luck!