Facebook Watch, New Facebook Feature Will be Youtube Competitor

Facebook Watch

Actually Facebook watch has been released in USA last year. This new feature allows you to watch videos like watching on Youtube. This feature will be an interesting thing for the Facebook users because you not only can watch but you can make a video then upload your video on Facebook like on Youtube. Even you can monetize your video with 55% : 45%. So you can be a Facebook video maker here and you can earn money from this feature.

Introducing Facebook Watch

Facebook has introduced this feature last year in United States of  America. You can watch videos like on Youtube through your Facebook account on your smartphone or your computer / laptop. And also you can do live streaming with this feature. In your video, your friends can comment on your video when you upload your video on Facebook.
Maybe the end of this year or early next year, Facebook will be releasing this feature in worldwide. So you can just enjoy this new feature Facebook later but the users of Facebook in US can already use this feature.

Platform for shows on Facebook Watch

1. Fans and community

You can create a community on this new feature Facebook so you can share your videos or live streaming to your community. And also you can share your video with your fans.

2. Live shows that connect with your fans directly

You can also create a live show or you make a diary video (Vlog) on ​​this new feature facebook.

3.Live events that bring your community together

You can also create live streaming that can be watched by the crowd like a football game, a basketball game at your school or any other event at your place or your school.

Facebook watch will be Youtube competitor

Looks like Facebook watch is really going to be a competitor Youtube, because with this new feature Facebook, the user or video creator can advertise and can get money from ads like on Youtube. With 55% for video creators and 45% for Facebook from Facebook ads. With the monetize feature on Facebook, it will be a lot of video makers who will upload their video to get money from Facebook watch.

So prepare yourself to be a partner of Facebook watch so you can upload your video or live shows your daily activities here. Or you want to make a Vlog on Facebook watch and earn your money. To know more information of this new feature you can come to the official website of Facebook.


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