The 10 Best Tech Blogger in the World That You Should Know

Everybody know that in this case technology was expanded too fast. It takes many intentions of the Blogger to get the report and considerable study. So it’s really normal if there are many bloggers choose to discuss the technology on their own site. From many technologies blogger, are you curious who is the best technology’s blogger?
Time by time, I have got many references and I find the best 10 technologies blogger in the world. And this list below are the 10 best tech blogger in the World completed by their profile.

List of the 10 Best Tech Blogger in The world:

1. Michael Arrington

The first number of the 10 best tech blogger in the world goes to Michael Arrington. He is the founder of The TechCrunch. The TechCrunch blog itself discuss the technology and have more than 3.5 million RSS Subscriber. Because of The TechCrunch blog, he got appreciation reward as the most influence people on The Internet by The Wired and Forbes.

2. Larry Dignan

The second number of the 10 best technologies blogger goes to Larry Dignan. For this time Larry Dignan is the editor of ZDNet and TechRepublic. Since 1995 he began to write the Wall Street Week and The New York Times. Since he develops ZDNet he started to focus on discussing the technology issues.

3. Marshall Kirkpatrick

The third number of the 10 best technologies blogger goes to Marshall Kirkpatrick. Don’t you know? that Marshall Kirkpatrick was the writer in The TechCrunch before. But, now he is the vice-director on the RedWriteWeb develop content. This blog is including as the best 20 blog in the world and this blog is a part of the web 2.0 authority.

4. Hendry Blodget

The fourth number of the 10 best technologies blogger goes to Hendry Blodget. He is the editor of Sillicon Alley Insider. The Sillicon Alley Insider whose discuss the technology and the trend business. His popularity is supported by the accuracy of his predictions on 1990’s which declare if the Amazon stock will be reached $400 US. On 2000, finally, this prediction comes true.

5. Mike Masnick

The fifth number of the 10 best technologies blogger goes to Mike Masnick. Mike Masnick is the founder of the Techdirt. On 2005, this blog started well-known after the Streisand Effect article was published. This article talking about the sensor of the online material. By the time this blog that was established since 1997 was expanded too fast and getting Best of The Web Appreciation from The Business Week and Forbes.

6. Kara Swisher

The sixth number of the 10 best tech blogger in the world goes to Kara Swisher. Kara Swisher is the women that having a high insight about the technology. She wrote down on her Boom Town. The interesting side of her blog is the Marketplace and The Wall Street session. Swisher was the internet reporter in the several well-known newspaper and succeeded declare many conferences about the digital world before. She is also interviews the famous public figure likes Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

7. Mark Evans

The seventh number of the 10 best tech blogger in the world goes to Mark Evans. He is The Canada’s blogger. He is The Founder of The Mark Evans Tech. In his blog, he does not only discuss the technology but everyone knows that he is the great marketing, the communication, and the social media consultant. And before, Mark Evans ever worked for the decades as the technology reporter for The National Post and Bloomberg.

8. Eric Savitz

The eight number of the best 10 technologies blogger goes to Eric Savitz. Eric Savitz is the editor of the Barron’s Magazine. The Barron’s Magazine itself discuss the finance information and the developing market. And those are well-known through the Tech Trader Daily Blog. And in this blog, Eric Savitz also discuss the technology information and investment.

9. Om Malik

The ninth number of the best 10 technologies blogger goes to Om Malik. He is called as the future symbols of American Modern. He was grown up in New Delhi and choose to move in The United State on 1986. In 1994, he saw the opportunity of internet business and make several websites. By the time Malik choose to focus on The Divison of Technology. And now he well-known as The Giga’s Omni Media Founder and as The Executive Editor in Giga Om, that blog is discussing the 2.0 Web. This blog is also known by as the one of influence blog on the internet.

10. Thomas Ricker

The last as the Tenth number of the 10 best tech blogger in the world goes to Thomas Ricker. Thomas Ricker contributes in that was established since on 2004. His contribution makes The Engadget being one of The Best Blog in the world that discussing all the information of gadget. The characteristic of this blog is consist of a lot of article with the funny and casual writing style. But, this blog supported with the many kinds of the information inside.

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